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Gas data of Los Humeros geothermal field were analyzed. A new method, which is based on the Fischer-Tropch reactions and on the combined pyrite-magnetite mineral equilibrium, was used. Reservoir temperature and reservoir excess steam were estimated for the starting stage of the field by using early pafes taken from producing wells at controlled conditions. The same parameters were also obtained for the present stage by using gas data. Reservoir temperatures ranged from and Celsius degrees and positive values for reservoir excess steam fractions were obtained lisya the starting stage.

For well H-1 no excess steam was found since this well was fed by the shallower liquid-dominated reservoir. Results for showed lower scattering compared to early data emocionaless the possible occurrence of a heating process in the shallower stratum which could due to exploitation. Este metodo provee la temperatura del yacimiento y el exceso de vapor presente en la descarga total de los pozos.

Los resultados se discuten tanto para paees estado inicial del yacimiento utilizando los primeros datos de produccion en los que el flujo del pozo estuvo controlado y los obtenidos en que representan el estado actual del yacimiento. En el estado inicial se estimaron temperaturas de yacimiento de entre y grados Celsius y excesos de vapor positivos, con excepcion del pozo H-1 que se alimenta del estrato somero dominado por liquido. Los resultados obtenidos para muestran una dispersion menor y la probable ocurrencia de un proceso de calentamiento del estrato somero propiciado por la explotacion.

Lichens as biological monitors in the Emocionsles Azufres geothermal field, Michoacan, Mexico; Liquenes como indicadores biologicos en el campo geotermico Los Azufres, Michoacan, Mexico.

The results obtained in the monitoring of the atmospheric emissions of the Los Azufres geothermal field in Michoacan State, Mexico utilizing lichens as monitors of the presence of sulphur and arsenic, at the areas near geothermal sites, both under evaluation and production, are presented. The results are based on symptoms which included: Los resultados estan basados en sintomas que incluyen clorosis, necrosis, manchas cafes y rojizas, perdida de adherencia al sustrato, desintegracion del talo y desaparicion de especies sensibles; asi como en los contenidos de azufre y arsenico en los talos liquenicos.

Spatial analysis of noise emission at the Los Azufres geothermal field, Mich. To verify noise emissions from the usual activities in an operating geothermal field, noise measurements were carried out in a 4. There are seven production wells operating here and three abandoned wells.

The average noise emission in the southern zone was In the Christmas valves tree for operating production wells, the noise ranges from In Mexico the maximum permissible limit of biomagbeticos on the periphery of a property is 68 dB in daytime and 65 dB at night. Based on measurements made at the periphery of lots where the geothermal wells are located, four out of seven production wells measured do not exceed the maximum allowable level, while the other three seem to exceed it.

However no definite limits exist for the lots. It is recommended that the measurement points as indicated by the official standard in environmental matters be re-established, which will enable noise emissions by several wells that have exceeded the permissible limit, to actually fall within it. En esta area se encuentran siete pozos productores en operacion y tres pozos abandonados.

La emision promedio de ruido en estos ultimos fue de En el arbol de valvulas de los pozos productores en operacion el ruido va lissta los En Mexico el limite maximo permisible de ruido en la periferia de. Exploration plays an important role in tapping underground natural resources-whether water, oil, natural gas or minerals.

Exploratory data allow us to learn reservoir conditions, increasing probable reserves and reservoir life span. The division sent technical personnel to structurally map the northern and eastern portions of Laguna Salada.

The paper offers a general outline of the main zones undergoing exploratory studies-studies perhaps culminating in siting exploratory wells to locate more geothermal resources and ultimately producing them using binary power plants. CFE also wants to site injection wells west of the current production zone, and this is covered, as well. All activities are meant to increase the productive lifespan of the geothermal reservoir.


En las zonas aledanas al campo geotermico de Cerro Prieto, BC, y en general en el Valle de Mexicali, la exploracion estaba practicamente detenida habiendose reactivado a raiz de que la Subgerencia de Estudios de la Gerencia de Proyectos Geotermoelectricos de la Comision Federal de Electricidad CFE envio personal para realizar mapeos estructurales en las porciones norte y oriente de la Emofionales Salada.

Este trabajo presenta un panorama general de las areas prioritarias para realizar estudios exploratorios y poder programar, con mas bases, pozos exploratorios enfocados a localizar mas recursos geotermicosinclusive para generar energia por medio.

Initial distribution of pressure and temperature in the geothermal field of Los Humeros, Puebla; Distribucion inicial de presion y temperatura del campo geotermico de Los Humeros, Puebla.

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Arellano Gomez, Victor M. In order to biomaneticos the distributions of non disturbed pressure and temperature of the reservoir fluid, a considerable amount of information originating from several disciplines was analyzed, corresponding to 42 wells of the geothermal field of Los Humeros.

On the base of the analyzed data models were developed, in one and two dimensions, of the reservoir in an initial state. The models reveal the existence of at least two reservoirs. The first one and most superficial is located between and m. The pressure profile of this reservoir corresponds to a boiling water column approximately between and Celsius degrees. The second reservoir is located underneath the m. For the wells that are fed from this zone of the field temperatures between and Celsius degrees were estimated.

A table of the geology of the subsoil of the biomagnegicos of the Los Humeros is shown and a table where the chemical composition of the separated water is indicated and the enthalpy biomagneeticos some of the wells of Los Humeros, Puebla, Mexico. Sobre la base de los datos analizados se desarrollaron modelos, en una y dos dimensiones, paress yacimiento en un estado inicial. Los modelos revelan la existencia de cuando menos dos yacimientos.

El primero y mas superficial se encuentra localizado entre y m. El perfil de presion de este yacimiento corresponde a una columna de agua en ebullicion aproximadamente entre y grados centigrados. El segundo yacimiento se. The study included data of 30 wells, which were sampled in September, General results indicate that different phenomena seem to occur in both zones of the field.

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In the southern zone there are two different trends of behavior: The study of reservoir temperatures estimated by different approaches for particular wells through time, as well as biomafneticos results obtained with a heat and flow well simulator, suggest that reservoir boiling occurs in localized areas in both zone of the field. This process is probably due to exploitation.

En el estudio se consideran biimagneticos de treinta pozos segun el muestreo realizado en emocionalse de El estudio de la evolucion en el tiempo de las estimaciones de temperatura de yacimiento mediante diferentes tecnicas, asi como la temperatura obtenida de simulacion de pozos, sugiere que ocurre ebullicion en areas localizadas en ambas zonas del campo debido a la explotacion.

Los resultados generales indican la existencia de. The initial temperatures field is presented for 40 wells in the Los Humeros geothermal reservoir, along with an elevation curve based on the formation temperature or the most probable reservoir temperature.

Stabilized temperatures were estimated using the Radial Spherical Heat Flow method, chosen over the Horner method based on the numerical simulation of the circulation and stop processes of well H In this well, the last temperature log series was reproduced, considering circulation losses. The temperatures were used to produce isothermal curves over three geological sections of the field, which represent the initial distribution of temperatures in the reservoir and show the thermal characteristics and the relationships among thermal anomalies and faults in the reservoir.

The elevation curve plotted against the initial temperature of the formation was generated based on detection of the main feed zones at each well, which in turn was developed using detailed analyses of diverse information, such as temperature logs, circulation losses, lithology, well completion, and heat velocities.

Based on the results, two groups of wells may be distinguished: Las temperaturas estabilizadas se estimaron mediante el metodo de Flujo de Calor Esferico Radial, y su eleccion sobre las temperaturas del metodo de Horner se soporta con simulacion numerica de los procesos de circulacion y paro del pozo H, en la cual la ultima serie de registros se reprodujo considerando perdidas de circulacion.


Con estas temperaturas se generaron curvas isotermicas para tres secciones. To obtain the undisturbed distribution of pressures of a field flow, a significant amount of data concerning geological, geochemical, geophysical, and field drilling and engineering aspects, from 42 wells located at the geothermal field of Los Humeros, was analysed. Based on the studied data, models of the field pressure distribution in its initial state were developed. The models reveal the existence of at least two deposits.

One of them, the most superficial, is located between and meters over the sea level, and from its excellent congruence with the pressure profile of a boiling water column, it may be considered as a predominantly liquid field. The pressure profile of this field is that of a boiling water column, at a temperature of about Celsius degrees. The second field is below meters over the sea level and from the known data it reaches at least meters over the sea level. It is considered a low-liquid saturated field.

The temperatures of the wells supplied by this field were estimated to be about Celsius degrees. Sobre la base de los datos analizados se desarrollaron modelos de distribucion de la presion del yacimiento en su estado inicial.

Dichos modelos revelan la existencia de, cuando menos, dos yacimientos. El primero y mas superficial se encuentra localizado entre 1, y 1, metros sobre el nivel del mar msnmy dada su excelente concordancia con el perfil de presion correspondiente a una columna de agua en ebullicion, puede afirmarse que se trata de un yacimiento de liquido dominante. El perfil de presion de este yacimiento corresponde a una columna de agua en ebullicion de a Initial temperature distribution in Los Humeros, Mexico, geothermal field; Distribucion de temperatura inicial en el campo geotermico de Los Humeros, Puebla.

The initial formation temperatures surrounding 40 wells from the Los Humeros geothermal field are presented.

These temperatures were estimated using the Horner and the sphere methods. A brief discussion on the applicability of each method is presented and previous applications are detailed. Then the more likely reservoir temperature of each well versus elevation is plotted based on the estimations about the main feed zone and the temperature of each well. The boiling with depth curve for pure water is also included.

Two longitudinal and one traverse geological sections are presented to illustrate the field initial temperature distribution, the lithology and layers thickness, the basement topography and the wells traversed along each sections.

Also, the main feed zones of the wells are indicated. Finally, the last series of measured temperature logs in well H are produced by numerical simulation. This considers the well circulation losses and an assumed initial temperature profile. This profile iteratively modified until the computed profiles match the measured temperature profiles. The lita assumed temperature profile paers then considered as the best approximation to the undisturbed formation temperature around well H and it is then compared with the stabilized temperatures obtained via the Horner and Sphere methods.

Se presenta una discusion sobre la aplicacion de eemocionales metodo y se detallan las aplicaciones previas del metodo de la esfera. Posteriormente y con base en las estimaciones de las principales zonas de aporte de cada pozo y sus correspondientes temperaturas se grafican las temperaturas mas probables de yacimiento para cada pozo contra la elevacion y se incluye en la misma grafica la curva de ebullicion del agua contra la elevacion.

Commercial-steam production in the southern area of Los Azufres, Mich.

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During maintenance periods for Unit 7, production wells are removed from the steam-supply system but continue producing steam that is discharged to the atmosphere-a loss affecting the economic life of the geothermal reservoir. Therefore several actions have been proposed and tried to save the steam and preserve the geothermal resource.

This paper presents the results of the actions and the technical and economic benefits liwta from lares. Durante los periodos de mantenimiento de la U-7 los pozos son desintegrados del sistema de suministro, pero continuan produciendo vapor, el cual es descargado a la atmosfera sin ningun provecho, lo que representa una perdida que afecta la vida util del yacimiento geotermico. Por ello se han propuesto y aplicado diversas acciones operativas en cada lissta de esos pozos con el objetivo de ahorrar vapor y preservar el recurso geotermico.