Aimed at Western students aged , the Kanji in MangaLand Kanji in MangaLand 2 picks up where the first volume left off, with The Japanese in MangaLand series from JPT introduced language learners to an innovative, Kanji in MangaLand- Levels 1 & 2 includes 21 lessons. The first . Kanji En Vinetas 1 / Kanji In Mangaland 1: Curso Basico De Kanji A Traves Del Manga: Grados 1 Y 2 / Basic Kanji Course Through Manga: Grades 1 And 2.

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Japanese in Mangaland – Wikipedia

Please try again later. Japanese in MangaLand Series: Titles in Order Sort by: Latest to First First to Latest. The Japanese in MangaLand series from JPT introduced language learners to an innovative, entertaining and educationally-sound way of learning Japanese through the use of manga.

Now, this same approach is applied to the often-daunting task of mastering kanji — the Chinese ideograms — in Kanji in Kannji, the first of a 3-volume course covering the 1, basic kanji characters.


In addition, the books present information on compound words, stroke order, meaning and such unique features as identifying similar-looking kanji and alternative or older shapes for the same character.

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The first seven of these cover all 80 kanji characters learnt by Japanese children in their first primary school year. Lessons cover the kanji studied in the next year. In every lesson, the student will learn 8 to 12 kanji and then move on to the exercise section, which features one page of manga using all the characters learnt in that lesson; a page of different types of exercises; and a page with the correct answers, translations and a summary of the new drawing-compounds that will appear in the next lesson.

The book also has two special exercise parts — one at the end of each level — as well as indexes of kanji and reading. As the popularity of manga in this country continues to soar, so does the desire of its fans to learn Japanese in order to appreciate it in its kamji language.


The three volumes in the Japanese in MangaLand series combine the enjoyment of reading manga with an innovative and entertaining approach to language instruction. Now comes the Japanese in MangaLand Workbook 1, a perfect way for readers to practice and assimilate what they learned in the first volume.

Japanese in MangaLand Series

The Workbook offers more than complementary activities, divided into six sections that enable managland to practice writing hiragana, katakana and kanji, as well as to optimize the vocabulary and grammar that were taught in the textbook itself. An exciting special feature — 24 pages of a Rakujo manga created exclusively for this workbook — further enhances the learning experience.

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