arbitrage, fumerie akiirameta. kaisoo fanfic rec – graphics. arbitrage // anterograde tomorrow // what a beautiful mess this is // waxing & waning: two moons. my analysis of Arbitrage, a kaisoo fanfic by fumerie. If anyone has not yet read the monstrosity that is Arbitrage please go and read it NOW. After you have. Title: Arbitrage Author: Fumerie Pairing: Kaisoo (Kai and D.O) Summary: There are three tracks to Do Kyungsoo’s life. Track A, trader at an.

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[exo] Arbitrage (1/3): fumerie

Email required Address never made public. It might be just his imagination, but their eyes meet again, and Kyungsoo feels frozen in place.

Are you guys with me here?! His hands are cold, and the cold makes his body itch for coffee. It hasn’t rained like this in Seoul for a long time. My brain is leaking from my pores and I am itching to talk to you.

This means that the other universe will continue to go on, even though Kyungsoo in this universe has traveled back in time to try to prevent the Ferrari crash.

[exo] Arbitrage (1/3)

He can hear the hum of the engines revving up. A stack of money turned into kaioso turned into some metal wreckage off the side of the road.


Our crew do all right, we’ve got our ace cards, but we need new blood. He’d look better smiling, Kai thinks.

There will be plenty of spoilers here, and honestly, no matter how deep I dig into this, you will not understand half of what I need you to understand without reading the story first. He probably should be surprised to find Kai sitting in front of his door, grey hoodie pulled over his head, but he isn’t.

Kyungsoo stays away from the edge. The story loops on itself by ending with the opening scene of Kyungsoo wild card waking up from the eight-month Ferrari crash. Summer is around the corner now.

kaisoo arbitrage | Tumblr

This theory is more accurately called the many-worlds interpretation. Then Lu Han came along and they were this inseparable trio of hell. Seoul in spring is all glittering lights and wet concrete. There are a total of three Kyungsoos here, at least for the majority of this story. Cute blond who’s just stepped out of the white Skyline is Lu Han.

If Kai had not crashed the Ferrari, there would be no Kyungsoo wild card at all. Kai is dead and there is no kaaisoo it. The slick forest green Genesis is Tao, that’s the guy who looks like a kungfu assassin next to Kris.

But you’re not, are you? Kyungsoo himself made the same speculation in the fic.

kaisoo arbitrage

You being so tightly wound, money and numbers and perfectly pressed white shirts. Kyungsoo stands arbitragge the feet of the building, looking up, staring at the open windows, feeling slightly bewildered and lost. He sweeps the steering wheel in an almost too large motion, sending the car into a wide arch before reigning it in again, feeling the subtle shock slam through his body as the back of the car almost hits a concrete post. Then one night he just disappeared. Chanyeol and Kwisoo are sitting on top of it, Chanyeol crunching loudly on a handful of bbq-flavoured chips while Baekhyun surreptitiously steals his chips from the bag every five seconds.


Then there is the last Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo Wilcard, who crashed the ferrari arbitrahe Kai and has been thrown back eight months. But back on track. Kyungsoo peels himself off the car, sparing one last glance at the open windows before turning and walking the other way.

Because you’re always driving for a crash now. Kaisoi Kai again runs into Kyungsoo at the grocery store, the Kyungsoo he meets there is actually Kyungsoo Wildcard, who crashed his ferrari with Kai from the eight-month jump.