When he wrote his first novel, Haruki Murakami confessed in a lecture, friends called to complain because the book made them want to drink. And when he writes, his words have a music all their own, much of it learned from jazz. Jay Rubin, a self-confessed fan, has written a book for. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Haruki Murakami and the Music of Words by Jay Rubin.

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He mentions the scandal in Germany regarding the re-translation of two Murakami books translated into German from English translations, rather than directly from the Japanese; see also our discussion of this in Twice Removed — suggesting that Murakami isn’t quite so outraged by such liberties as well as cuts occurring in translationsand quoting him as saying “I kind of like re-translation” though in an interview by Ulrike Haak in Die Zeit he says he would not have permitted re-translation if he had been aware of the possibility of it occurring.

At the end, it felt like I have not only gained an insight on Murakami’s works, but also a glimpse into his reclusive life and mind.

‘Haruki Murakami and the Music of Words’ by Jay Rubin (Review)

Dec 18, K. Aug 27, Yasmeen rated it really liked it. Murakami, no doubt, was intended to shine brightly in this book, but sometimes he does so more as a competent writer holding power over his admirer. He tried to provide answers to the ,urakami of questions about Murakami’s novels and characters.

That’s one good thing about the guy. In this book, Haruki Murakami and the Music of Wordshe tried to give more information about Murakami’s life and art to people who do not know Japanese language.

Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. I always wonder whether every Murakami fan in the world leads such a conflicting life. It discusses works inaccessible to most English-speaking readers and offers a decent biographical overview of the author.


Of course, written by someone who works very closely with Murakami, its definitely not the most objective of texts. After you’ve finished this book, you’ll feel as if you marathon’ed through Murakami’s entire collection in an impossibly short time. I read this a while ago, I remember enjoying reading about Murakami meeting Carver, which made me inadvertently track out a od Carver’s to readand also Rubin mentioning, if I remember rightly, that Murakami used to run a website and that he’d used to answer reader’s questions personally — can’t really visualize that happening now, would be good though!.

There is also motivation here for writers who want to understand how disciplined and hardworking Murakami has always been in regards to his success as a writer- it was never a matter of luck. View all 4 comments. Oct 12, Guido Eekhaut rated it really liked it. Published January 6th by Vintage first published March 27th Any fan of Murakami that is looking for information AND readings of his wo It took me a little longer to finish this book, haeuki I admittedly skipped a small portion as they were covering Murakami novels I have yet to read, and I wish to read Murakami’s words first.

Oct 08, Moroniq rated it liked it. Alex — I definitely think that you need to know the books Rubin is talking about if you’re going uay get the most out of this — otherwise, it’s just somebody talking about books you haven’t read…. Maybe Jay Rubin is doing a Murakami too.

His story should also inspire many aspiring writers. It is partly biography, partly literary criticism. Well worth reading if you’ve read a lot of Murakxmi work, not much point if you haven’t. Menu Just who is Tony, and what exactly is his Reading List? Probably Murakami somehow managed, in a few places, to describe Carver’s bitter characters slowly making pasta while listening to classical records He’s such a huge fan, it’s a little bit adorable.

Thanks for posting about this book — I’ve never come across it before and it sounds so interesting. In this book, he brings some interesting insight from Murakami into the novels that have captured such a level of interest in the US. She said that she got interested on this author when she saw a guy laughing out loud while in a bookstore holding and reading a Murakami book.

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Apr 28, Chris Morton rated it it was amazing. However, for those four books that I am still to read, thee about their plots spoiled those somehow that I think I will put them in the back burner for awhile. Rubin reports that thd translations of Carver are very popular in Japan, which makes sense, as he turns Carver’s stories into his standard Murakami simplistic, laid-back, low-key style.

For so long I’ve been aching to get deeper into the mind Murakami. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Haruki Murakami and the Music of Words can certainly be recommended to anyone interested in Murakami and his work.

‘Haruki Murakami and the Music of Words’ by Jay Rubin (Review) – Tony’s Reading List

Sep 24, Vince rated it really liked it. Where are musjc character names in some of the earlier novels, and why are they missing M’s just messing with us, right? And Rubin had a strict page limit! I confess I like to classify my reading He could also be accused of writing for the sake of writing as his output is truly phenomenal and covers all kinds of areas and genres.

I’m also curious about the less positive claims about Rubin himself.

In all this Rubin brings the enthusiasm of a fan as well as a translator of Murakami’s work. Well, some of you may have noticed that there are a fair few wells, tunnels and corridors in his books….

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