New editions of the Jacaranda Physics for NSW series will be available ( Jacaranda Physics 11 coming in ) to align with the new Physics Stage 6 Syllabus. This third edition of Physics 2: HSC Course is revised and updated to meet all the requirements of the amended Stage 6 Physics Syllabus for Year 12 students in. I was just wondering if anyone else is using the Jacaranda Physics HSC text. We have to do all of the questions from each topic every term.

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Written specifically to help teachers address and unpack the Physics Stage 6 Syllabus and spark the interest of students studying Physics.

Language has been carefully selected to appeal to students of all abilities and practice questions at the end of sub-topics reinforce learning. The series provides complete coverage of the Syllabus — achieving all the Working Scientifically and Knowledge and Hdc outcomes.

Available in the eGuidePLUS are a rich bank of teacher support documents including printables, fully worked solutions, answers to questions and practical activities, editable module planners, Syllabus grid, practical notes and support and assessment tasks. Printed textbook with free digital code inside. The eBookPLUS is electronic version of the student text that also includes a range of digital resources.


Read the blog post The Stage 6 Syllabus You can choose to unsubscribe at any time. What’s new for the series.

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Jacaranda provides a range of format options to allow teachers to teach their class their way. Print Printed textbook with free digital code inside. The Jacaranda Physics for NSW series is available in a print with digital or digital-only format to allow teacher to teach their jacarandaa, their way. Learning to think like a physicist Chapter 8: Wave behaviour Chapter 2: Motion in a straight line Chapter 9: Sound waves Chapter 3: Motion in a plane Chapter Ray model of light Chapter 4: Energy and work Chapter Momentum, energy and simple systems Chapter Electric circuits Chapter 7: Wave properties Chapter More sample chapters are available for this title.

Projectile motion Chapter 9: The wave model of light Chapter 2: Circular motion Chapter The quantum model of light Chapter 3: Motion and gravitational fields Chapter Light and special relativity Chapter jacadanda Electric and magnetic fields Chapter Elemental origins Jacsranda 5: The Motor effect Chapter The structure of the atom Chapter 6: Electromagnetic induction Chapter The atom and quantum mechanics Chapter 7: Applications of the motor effect Chapter Properties of the nucleus Chapter 8: Exploring the electromagnetic spectrum Chapter Deep inside jacaranfa atom.


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Want to learn more about the Syllabus changes and how Jacaranda is addressing them? Complete the form hssc view sample chapters Plusbe the first to know about factsheets, event information and more! What activities have you undertaken this year to evaluate resources? What activities would help you make your resourcing decision? Learning to think like a physicist.

Jacaranda Physics HSC

Motion in a straight line. Motion in a plane. Ray model of light.

Momentum, energy and simple systems. The quantum model of light.