Maronian left 5 Linx in and joined Invado, an MLM company that The My Life compensation plan pays affiliates to sell products to retail. Any activity designed to manipulate the INVADO Compensation Plan is strictly prohibited. IRs may not swap, share or give customers to another IR. Compensation includes base pay, sales commission, and bonus potential. and determining security implementation plans utilizing best

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My Life Review: Legacy business model that doesn’t quite work

We are here to help those who are involved in InVado teams to get public exposure and grow their business, make comments and learn from each-other.

If any employee is not providing great results for the company or is inexperienced for their position, you could adjust pay down from the 50th percentile rate. We understand that the vast majority of our Representatives manage their business ethically and with integrity. This sounds typical for a company trying to offer multiple product lines and income streams but without any cohesive marketing message and a big fat enrollment fee to pump up the comp plan.

Note that once an order is coded to affiliates, it remains coded for the life of that product order including any monthly reorders. Anyone who has been involved in MLM’s or Network Marketing will tell you that support from your upline is the key to success.


Research market rates for each position. This can be fairly easy if you are disallowing overtime. There were a few web sites with people trying to explain how Invado “works”, which seems to be a whole different story depending on who wrote it, but I really could not find actual reviews from Invado reps, so it’s hard to tell whether or not these people are actually benefiting from being a member, or just haven’t realized yet that they aren’t going to.

Consider whether to offer incentives. They should be on topic and presume the good will of other posters.

You take a standard 1 page form and fill in the areas required, then submit it to the corporate office and they tell you whether or not the person or business qualifies.

The LOA is available under the Documents tab of your business center.

Cookies make wikiHow better. The company website doesn’t have any real information about their rates, compensation plan, or anything else that a potential rep would presumably want to know – it’s a bunch of b. Invado should check into this though – many states lowered it to Similarly, providing incentive to find new customers will achieve that compeneation.

Compensation also includes fringe benefits. What ever your goals in life are you can achieve them, know your reasons why, have a plan and stay disciplined and dedicated to achieving them regardless the obstacles thrown your way!

How to Develop a Compensation Plan: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Webinars, Telephone conference calls and back office training isn’t enough unfortunately. In some instances you can even visit a My Life affiliate store and actually be plaan to a third-party company website. I was unable to find rates for Invado’s utility option, and it’s a bit of a red flag for me when you can’t get basic information from a company’s website without filling out an enrollment form.


There seem to be new energy MLM companies springing up every day. At the end of the year, any unused sick leave will be carried over to the next year. Giving an annual performance bonus might work at a company that is mostly salary-based. All questions regarding the above policies should be addressed to: Add up your expected compensation. Did this article help you? Work with the company’s CFO if there is one to figure out a responsible compensation budget.

Determine if you can afford a new employee. I believe that the business model has potential IF the deregulation of utilities continues in other states but so far it is limited to the East cost.

Now I will tell you my opinion on this company Invado First, like any traditional business but especial MLM businesses there has to be a support system and by support system I don’t mean from the corporate customer service side I mean the training and mentoring. For example, if you offer overtime, you can write: If you have no idea, then reach out to another business owner in your industry and ask.