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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. M ReKeylt, forcelcon and an Aquarium simulator! T1 ‘bti Ire bullon -!

All prirfl nalrhijj jifl Bdbjecl CP dur Lair. Timekeepers 93 The makers of Valhalla return witti a new addition to the puzzte genre Preview: Star Crusader Gareth Lofthouse dons his spacesuit to take a took’ at Gametek’s latest spaceship combat simulator Bxj Utility Heauen S This month.

MUf applications and more. Some of the best PD and shareware utilities available on the Amiga in our latest collection. Q 0i item item. IT 69 20 B5 ]RS h Proudfoot, however, Escom’s man age – menf decided not to take ovof Commodore UK in its current form. Though it appears that Commodore UK’s Maidenhead offices are being aban- doned by Escom, the Stan stead unit will be retained.

right! Idea S72 smd transistor datasheet book

Five other members of the Commodore UK team have also been taken on board by Amiga Technologies Mo room found by Escom fur or Proudfoot Item deuelopments planned Optimism for Ihe future of the Amiga was at its highest level in years following the revelation of Escom’s plans for technological developments on ihe platform.

Closer lo hand is the promise of new machines for earlyincluding an version of the AQ and an version of the A4Q0Q. Following the decision of the firm’s founder, Don Carter, to call in the receivers on 30 May, the UK computer industry has been rocked by the surprise sol lapse of one of Ihe biggest national forces in the computer trade. ZCL employed a workforce of people and incorporated the Taurus wholesale operation, the Calculus retail chain, and Ihe Indi Direct mail order firm. The business reportedly has substantial assets and a balance sheel surplus, so it is hoped that buyers will soon be found for the three divisions which will continue to trade in The meantime.

Software products depict- ing human sexual activity or acts of ‘gross’ violence has been subject to BBFC classi- fication since the Video Recordings Act,and since September over 40 software products have been officially classified by the E3RrC. The BBFC claim a price rise is necessary because they were running at a loss while charging the same rate for games as for video. Sections of the software industry, however, have seen the proposals as potenlialiy damaging.

Telstar is one software company who will be affected. If It’s going lo cost so much money for certification, some peo- ple will say to hell with it, let’s take a nsk. We cant afford thal to happen – nor can the BBFC. In the meantime, a meeting is set to take place between ELSPA and the Homo Office at which Bennett wrli vig- orously defend the software industry’s position. Amiga users will also be encouraged by the fact that the drive is being marketed as an ideal option for the Amiga range of computers.

The verdict on whglher quality has been compro- mised lo cut cost will have to be reserved until Amiga Computing undertakes a full review, but the ACD is already a clear winner in the looks department. It will also boast a competitive array of J facilities.

As well as being SCSI compati- ble! For more information, call Aiwa on With a name derived from the acronym for Portable Amiga Work Station, the PAWS product range could give the Amiga markoi the lightweight version of the computer that has been missing until now.


Cross Dos B Pro, and a simple guide hxk assembly. Silent Paw Productions also plans to release the Gecko, a small external box that will allow for the use of the Amiga with any VGA monitor in any Amiga display mode.

The 2083 will be releasing pricing detail in the near future. Following the arrest of a man from Arrdrio, the police found over 1, coun- terfeit gold CD-ROMs featuring games and business software plus duplication hardware.

The police raid also uncovered large amounts of allegedly pirated floppy disks. According to John Loader. ELSPA s chief investigator, the haul represents the biggest success for the organisation’s crime unit to date.

Being interactive allows for lower membership rates for companies that elect Ic become members and a more efficient reporting system lor the consumer. Fitting is incredibly simple; it you can plug the mouse Into the mouse socket, you wltl he able to plug Uhe hard dove into tne hard drive socket 1 Free whiJe-yoU’wait fitting tor persanat sir n callers.

J fiflmlv, Up To 64mb of Auto-configuring Fastnam? Real lime bailey backed dock. Up to 4mb of RAM can be added Plugs onto the expansion connector and has a through connector for other peripherals. Please phone first to check availability of any ilem, Directions From M62 junction We are 50 yards on the right after the third set of traffic lights, opposite Masons put All prices include VAT cos!

Ten on Ten will include CDPD1 and 2, World Atlas Vista, Pandora and Team Yankee, a 3D action, sim for game lovers Unsurprisingly for the price, some of the matenal has been around for some time, but there are three new CDs including a Networking arid Comms disc that will not be published individually, AJmathera are only producing units of Ten on Ten because they plan to release it as a limited edition pack.

II cart be ordered directly form Almathera on 01BB7 Fountain of knowledge In the month in which Escom outlined plans for the future growth of the Amiga technology, there was also good news for the existing range of computers following the announcement of a new tool thal will build knowledge-based systems on the Amiga platform. Simply named KBTools, the new development allows complex expertise to be encapsu- lated on computer and Ihen made available fbr use by non-experls. Bearing similarities to systems that have already been used in medical, legal and finance!

Apparently, KBTools asks a number of questions guided by ils internal models, and Ihen decides which issues are important before compiling the text of a draft contract. It’s claimed that the technology is un usually capable of coping with he grey areas that such matters give rise to. Despite scepticism in some quarters about the curreni Amiga’s capabilities, KBTools’ designers chose to use ft in preference lo rival platforms, In fact, they’re claiming that ease of use and speed of KBToois is due largely lo the unique strengths of the Amiga hardware and operaring system.

Samaritans’ helping hand reaches the Internet Having offered emotional support to members of the public For decades via the telephone the Samaritans moved info the 21st century with the decision to launch e-mail access to their service, The move follows on from the success of a pilot scheme run by the organisation’s Cheltenham Branch. According to the Samaritans, ihe e-mail scheme has proved to be an effective way of reaching young men. The organisation felt a new approach was necessary because of the rising sui- cide rate among men of and It is encouraging that more men are calling us, but there is a long way lo go before we start to reverse the trend of male suicide.

The service will respond within 24 hours. Noting -could be tffiier imr ihnl. Hardware component used in early analogue synthesizers often coloured sounds with parasitic variations. Though sometimes unwanted, these variations could be used to enhance sounds.


SIMthesizer has a set of parasitic parameters you can use to create subtle or extreme variations on existing sounds. Noise signature profiles of various commercial syn- thesizers are included as well. One particularly handy feature is I hat every original copy of SI Ml ha sizer will have a different internal Parasitic factor. This ensures that sounds created on one copy ol SIMthesizer will not sound Exactly the same as Those created on another. You’ll find a full suite of filters, transforms, feedback, echo, and delay parameters, as well as fully programmable envelopes.

A sort of ADPro for sound.

Sample Vision, and more. WaveFormer is a waveform editing system designed to work as standalone or in conjunction with profession aJ sampling hardware 2083 third-party audio cards. Support for hard disk recording hard- ware is planned.

Among the included waveform transformalion capabilities are morphing, enhanced digital eFfects, Fourier analysis and transforms. Free-hand edit, algorithm editing, and cross-fading. WaveFormer includes many time-sav- ing features, such as free-hand repair mode which adjusts bad sample data.

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The product allows auditioning of waveforms hxjj will display patchdone lists, parame- ter information, and other vilal data, Like all the programs, it features full data conversion capabilities for the formats mentioned For SIMthesizer. As well as operating independently, a special soft- ware control system will allow integration of these programs with each 20038. In addition to other software products not listed here, young monkey are currently developing low- cost DSP and MIDI hardware for integration with their hxjj and third-party applications, and as a com- pletely unrelated public service, young monkey has written a free text-to-Braille conversion program.

Although the Zip drive uses 3. Also, the drive has only been available in an external version which can be annoying for those with Amiga s, s, and s with empty drive bays. Utah-based Iomega have announced that they wilf address both of these problems with new products that will be available this Autumn.

M SuuurQur 5X Sludic- BD Sea;ate dMb 2. Fully a pi i cat. C0 A AroNal Boird Aif tarry a SO Day Warranty. Refurbished units ara to Like New condition with if Li appropriate tables emt manuals. Hurry es supplies era limited. UD A20CC rv 6. Discover A American fiptasi hxk NO service cbirpes. When somebody else has done it already. The magazine was on the shelves by 4 May One of our competitors – bless them – 238 their June issue surface on the nth of that month, and fhey had the Cybersiorm card hyped on the cover.

Turn to their review of the product and again the word ‘exclusive’ beams up at you from the page – it just ain’t true. We were not in a position to gxj that the Cyberstorm was a guaranteed exclu- sive, Nor were the competition. We didn’t use the word.

This kind of undercutting the competition is typical practice on the road to big ABCs. On the release of Doom 2 on the PC, vari- ous magazines brandished that word as they proclaimed they were first. As usual, one of our publications got there first, but The H team Pulp faction Quentin Tarantino pulls — out a largo baseball — bat and sets to work — nn the competition — many of the other mags ploughed on regardless with their ‘exclusivs’ banner.

When Commodore went belly up last year, there was a change to certain com- petitors that may not have been immediately obvious to Joe Public, While certain mags beat their chests hdj standing next to the Amiga through thick and thin, their actual content reveals a different story.