Explore releases and tracks from Henrikas Nagys at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Henrikas Nagys at the Discogs Marketplace. In this article, motifs, references and influences of Latvian descent in the poetry of Lithuanian Henrikas Nagys (–) who spent most of his creative life in. Translations from Henrikas Nag. LATERNA OBSCURA. You and I draw a child’s face on the first snow. Under the wild raspberry bushes sister is rocking her doll.

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In it the essential meaning of life is the chief axiom.

Death to the oppressors! A river of copper water boils. The wind sways our rain-soaked, navys arms. His red lantern swings far off in the night. My land shall live forever! On the pond’s surface under the fragile bridge railings in Hong Kong, Gioconda looks up at me with almond eyes. You hold your bow and arrow raised high. Henrikas Nagys born ina well known Lithuanian critic and poet. The newborn moon blooms in the cherry orchard. God, save our souls. Yet, he does not preach, he does not philosophize, he advocates it only through the lips and lives of his heroes.

He was able to uniquely penetrate and capture the essence heneikas man and of the earth.

A Contemporary Writer Marius Katiliskis – Henrikas Nagys

In the land of blue snow there is no land. My sister forgot a thousand years ago that she knows how to laugh and cry. Rusty rails in the fog. The cathedral clock chimes the hour of ruins.


Brass throats of trumpets scream blue sorrow. Masterfully, before our very eyes, he delineates and depicts jenrikas pageantry of existence, and the result in its scope, dimension and validity equals the work of the world’s best naturalistic writers.

We thirstily drank from the passing lips. Kneeling, we kissed the stones of the streets and became drunk with abundance of words remembered from lullabies.

Henrikas Nagys. Vytauto Mačernio literatūrinis palikimas

Rye whiskey is sweet. Again the author is not a passive spectator or bloodless commentator. Imre, was it you who wrote in blood — henrukas pathos! A few biographical details: Sleep peacefully, little girl of Budapest, your death was not in vain On the ocean shore barefoot angels are dancing.

Supple is your black skin, like the sacred Modder Forest in the evening.

Nagys matured poetically in the poetic tradition of Western Europe; R. In he began to study architecture, but soon switched to the study of Lithuanian and German at the University of Vytautas the Great in Kaunas. Wilderand from Latvian literature. Later we scooped up salty water with sweaty helmets. His works integrate all the elements characteristic of Lithuanian letters — henrilas Donelaitis to contemporary authors.

Vivid, overly direct symbolism is replaced by sculpturally deeper ideas. Prasilenkimo valandahis second collection of short fiction awarded a readers’ prize was received very favorably both by the critics and by the public. naggs

The human body remains his favorite subejct. We are trees — silent and dumb. The over — emphasized motions are frozen into a subtle and controlled surface vibration, permitting shadows to flow in rich half — tones over the sensitively modeled forms.


Come in, you tramps!

Henrikas Nagys |

Shadows on thin silk waver like hollow reeds in a faint aquarelle. The brick gate is red. Imre, was it you who covered with your coarse woolen coat and the flag, from which your friend’s hand had cut out — like an abscess — the shameful star of slavery the haggard, gaunt body, your sister’s loose yellow hair, and laid words on the street pavement, torn up by tank treads: In the work yard tar-spattered dandelions sway in the wind.

Behind smoky basement windows an old woman smiles in her sleep. Watchmen held out flaming torches to see our faces. Typical is the understanding of the man, the soil, a rich, colorful and depictive style of narration. How good it is to sleep in the pavement of my birthplace.

Its features are suggestiveness, power, clarity of symbols, and its universal meaning.

From among his many pieces of sculpture these these might be noted: I am lonely and proud like my brother. He has a subjective and personal empathy with the human condition, and an almost mystical communication with nature.

Love is an unwritten but living and vital law; kneeling and rising we are closer to one another than we imagine.