Henderik Roelof “Hans” Rookmaaker (February 27, –March 13, ) was a Dutch Christian scholar, professor, and author who wrote and lectured on art. See Tweets about #rookmaaker on Twitter. Complete works of #Rookmaaker on CD-ROM for £5 – a steal! [Hans #Rookmaaker in Rock and Protest]. Visions: Essays on Twentieth-Century Millenarianism – O livro de Ester: A história de Culture (The Complete Works of Hans R. Rookmaaker, #5) – Naupaka.

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Apr 03, Ross Leavitt rated it it was amazing Shelves: Encouraging to see such a holistic view of art. I was never really an art buff but now I am seeing art in a totally different way. This is my favorite book of all time because it flawlessly integrates two of my favorite things: Rookmaaker publiceerde ,ivros kunst, muziek en filosofie, waarbij zijn belangstelling in het bijzonder uitgang naar de invloed van levensbeschouwing op kunst en cultuur.

Henderik Roelof “Hans” Rookmaaker February 27, —March 13, was a Dutch Christian scholar, professor, and author who wrote and lectured on art theory, art history, music, philosophy, and religion. He ilvros out that something can have a good meaning while being poorly produced. It’s filled with insight into how we bans treated art and artists in the twentieth and twenty-first century.

It is a fitting testimony to the career of John Walford, whose life and work have been characterized by faithfulness to his guild, faithfulness to his students, faithfulness to his college, and above all, faithfulness to God.

Jul 17, Vanessa rated it it was amazing. It’s also humbling in that Rookmaaker maintains that anything that we do should be done well. Professor Walford has rpokmaaker us to perceive in the visible world the spiritual meanings inherent within works of art. Making a critical contribution to the field of art history, this reader covers everything from sixth-century icons to contemporary art from a Christian perspective.


So far, I am hasn in the fifth chapter but am finding all the theology and philosophical buildup to be slow. In his introduction he points out that many of his examples and considerations have to do with painting and sculpting because that is what he is most familiar with.

Modern art did not just happen.

Art Needs No Justification

I learned tons of things that I didn’t know I’d want to know. Rookmaaker, a trained art critic and dear friend to Francis Schaeffer, explores how lviros cultural shift in epistemology affects art. Curtam, Comentem e Compartilhem Facebook www. Christianity is not an add-on Sound Reflective Materials Pdf Download. It was the Enlightenment, with its dogged insistence upon rationality and empiricism as the only standards for gauging “reality”, which drove the seemingly irrevocable wedge between the natural and the supernatural.

This book is full of insight. Hans Rookmaaker briefly analyzes how art changed during the Enlightenment, criticizing pietism for privileging inward holiness while ignoring material culture and aesthetics. This was a great read.

Habilitado Leitor de tela: The title, “Art Needs No Justification,” should rather be taken as an attack on much of the Church’s utilitarian perspective on art–art doesn’t need to be a means to some other temporal end for it to be justifiable. Browse the Latest Snapshot. Included in the conclusion is the following, “a Christian artist is an artist who works, thinks and acts as roomaaker artist, rookmaaaker h This book came recommended and I could not have read a more appropriate book for my own personal season as an artist, but more importantly, to reaffirm the need for artistry in our culture.

E termina trazendo algumas diretrizes importante aos artistas.

Art Needs No Justification by Hans R. Rookmaaker

New insights to understand how abstract art and what followed changed our culture. If you are not familiar with art history, it is helpful to have Google at hand as you are reading so you can view the pieces Rookmaaker discusses.

E acrescentou depois de uma pausa: This has affected the mindfulness with which I look at art, and given me a deeper sense rookmaakr the spiritual dimensions at play.


Only good memories from the read. I loved the section entitled, “Weep, Pray, Think, and Work. I’ve posted the introduction here. I am sure that livos person who is genuinely interested in art history and the Christian perspective would find this little book useful and well done.

About: Hans Rookmaaker

Summary of Contents Page 1. Jun 11, Sara Burt rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sep 14, Abrahamus rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the way of meekness, of the suffering of the cross Lutherand of true transformation for ourselves and for our culture.

It deals with art’s role and meaning in luvros world—both in secular world and within God’s design. Hans Rookmaaker Livros Pdf Download.

Although I really liked a lot of what he said, there were some parts I disagreed with or found irrelevant. Jan 09, Martin McDermott rated it it was amazing.

Modern Art & Death of a Culture

Two books by Rookmaaker were published posthumously: Jul 21, Mark Nenadov rated it it was amazing Shelves: Beginning in medias reswith the medieval period it isn’t really necessary to go back further in time to prove his pointRookmaaker demonstrates that there was a time when physical and spiritual realities coexisted comfortably and formed a seamless whole, both in the thoughts and lives of people ahns on the painted canvas.

Following a doctorate in art livrps with a dissertation on Gauguin at the University rookmaakre Amsterdam, he became the founder of the art history department at the Free University in Amsterdam. Any christian that is interested at all in art should read this book. Jun 10, Samuel Parkison rated it really liked it. An hour well spent.