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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Light snowfalls have occurred In the Prairie Provinces. It went further, calling upon the Dominion to allow no further naturalisation of Orientals as Ca- nadians.

While the Attorney – General agreed with the resolution as far as it went, he said he thought it might go further. This was an age of propaganda said the Attorney -General. He suggested the adding to this resolu- tion Information along various lines as this question affected this prov- ince.

He woald give a lot for such Information, and he would be favor- able to having a copy of the resolu- tion as so supplemented presented to every member of the Canadian Parliament. Tn order to carry this arrangement out, Mr. Manson was of the opinion that It would be wise to call a meet- ing of all sides of the House for the purpose of preparing the material to be placed In this resolution.

In this way it would be possible to get ull that was agreeable to the differ- ent parties represented. Davie contended that the Mandard of living of the Oriental was much lower than that of the white residents of this province, that he could by entering tlus country improve his standard of living to some extent but yet far below the white man and crowd white men out cf many activities. He instanced cases showing that by work inn long hours at low wages Continued on Page 2.

Gasoline prices in Winnipeg and most parts of Manitoba have dropped from three to five cents Tank wagon prices are now bring quoted at 21 cents for low test gasoline and 24 cents for high test.

The av- erage reduction throughout the province amounts to three cents, while at some places a drop of five cents has been reported. Members of the trade give the opinion that the price drop will have tn early repercussion In Southern Saskatchewan. PCT- nunl t ndrr sr. Light to moderate winds, continued fine, with light frost at night. Hahn wins “mile of a century” race at New York.

Conger sec- ond and Peltser third. Site of McLaraln-MandeU light- weight battle still undecided. Imperial and Foreign Premier Baldwin announces In- troduction of farm credits sys- tem. King Victor and Premier Musso- Uni sent special emissaries to con- vey their condolences to whin family.

The body of the warrior. A number of field officers, who were wounded in the World War, mounted a guard of honor around the casket.

JHa Jg4sW had seemed to be recovering from the disorder from which he had long suffered, but influenza, which de- veloped Into bronchial pneumonia, quickly brought the end. Only on last Sunday was it apparent that the marshal was seriously It was recalled that when Field Marshal Earl Haig. Kellogg should Inform France that the Hav- ana resolution outlawed war with- out reserve, whereas the text of the resolution as received here merely condemned aggressive war Nor does the French mind pro- fess to comprehend the assumption of the American Secretary that the proposed pact Is to include other great powers.


So ahln as disclosed here, they have not even been con- sulted on the subjert There is surprise at the failure of the United States to obtain the col- laboration of Great Britain. Oermany and Japan In a ahln pact. In the newspapers numerous edi- torials point out that France and other great powers who are mem- bers of the League of Nations, have, under the League covenant, re- nounced war as a political Instru- ment, but at the same time they are likely to be obligated tinder the cov- ‘ enant to use arms against a de- clared aggressor.

The United States firmly puts aside French suggestions that the proposed agreement recognise the right to make war under certain con- ditions.

Quebec, near here, was destroyed by fire last night. While there was some aol yesterday to the resolution intro- duced by Mr. Perry said that the resolution was not in line with ak, wishes of the Alberta people on the subject He, however, felt that it was so little different that he would not offer the amendment a’, nrst proposed He said the Province of British Ajl had a direct interest In the resolution, Inasmuch as it might net In a discriminatory way against British Columbia coal The people of Alberta h.

Perry did no’ believe thv. Perry went into the freight rates that had been figured cart try the Railway Commission as to the actual cost of transporting coal from Alberta to Ontario. The cars would be used in the off season, which would be: The matter of a rate was largely u matter for the Dominion Parlia- ment to deal with.

In the average enrol- ment was The should pay her fair share of the cost cost, had steadily risen until in there was an enrolment of 1. Fob 28 Canadian businesa got off to a good start for the current year Out of nine in- dicators of conditions for the first month of the year, which are re- ported by the Dominion Bureau of Htattstics.

Would Benefli Merchants of Akll toria as Well as amps and Tqmer Outfits Negotiations are at present, being carried out With taamer view to opening up communication along the Ayin dian National Railways i. There are certain difficulties fh be surmounted, but undoubtedly it can be achieved, the result will be oi considerable value to Victoria merchants, as well as to the camps affected. Such a connection would be grouped as a unit with calls deliv- ered to the Blanshard Street ex change.

In the same way as the Campbell River and Cowlchan Lake local calls are received at the switch- boards in those places, where Brit- ish Columbia Telephone Company lines are terminal.

In connection with the extension of the telephone service in the northern part of the Island, it is announced that dnvct communica- tion will be established over tele- phone company and Dominion tele graph lines to the Sayward Hotel Salmon River Valley. Representatives of thirty-odd na- tional temperance organizations, ai a conference here which terminated last night, drafted formal demands that the two national political con- ventions not only declare for rigid dry enforcement, but consider as presidential timber only men whose stand on prohibition is not to be questioned.

Feb 29 With a fire in her hold spreading, the Brazilian freighter Atalia today was tamed off the coast of Brazil awaiting help. Direct word from the ship was received by the commander of the freighter Cantoneria. Runclman, wife of the Rt. Hon Walter Hunclman, MP. U the Liberal candidate, while Mr Fred Hopkins represent: Woodrow Wilson Hackerb Voted to ]ol.

Japan is going ahead with plans for a proposed transpacific flight. A heavy fog caused the pilot to descend, aol the plane crashed Into a tree top The gasoline tank exploded and Goto was killed Lieut. Feb 29 Mr Robert E. Hemphill, a Hackeen resident, reported missing from his brother’s home In Seattle, today. The Mothers’ Pensions Act is hem ; tfflclently administered, the select committee of the Legislature report- ed to the House yesterday, in tiling a report on its work since the ap- pointment on January Persia and Japati He was chief British delegate at the!

  BS EN 1011-3 PDF

BC has all its stock under- written and has over If tou want a good lawn conjult jv 1’it In f nr rn dl uir.

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QlUingruWB, receiver famer the lirm Thea. UMel lead a quiet life doesn’t mean that I’m not per- fectly well. I never felt better. Everything about me is normal and al as it should. I make sure 0 that by taking Nujol regularly. Nujol keeps me in good condition. For Nujol not only.

All of us — old and young alike — lead more or less sedentary lives. But Nujol helps make up for this lack of exercise. It keeps the body functioning as Nature intended. Even if you think you’re perfectly well, try Nujol. Take it for three months and just see if you don’t feel better. It containsabsolutely gamer drugs or med- icine. Be sure you get the genuine. This was a false representa- tion, Mr. Davie said, when It was known that truck farming and the basic Industries of lumbering and Ashing were overcrowded with these Orientals There In addition hacker white merchants were having to face unfair competition from these people.

Mr Davie contradicted the Idea that he was wanting to drive out the Orientals who were here out of the country.

There was work for these Orientals as domestic servants, perhaps, and In some lines of casual labor. What was objected to was the coming in of the hordes of Orientals Into this country, crowding out the white men. The excuse that the white man would not work, was met by Mr.

Davie hzckern that the trouble was that white men were wanted to work at the same rates as Orientals. He did not object to the white man re- fusing to work on these conditions.

Were white men refusing to work in other provinces? Why discrimin- ate with respect to British Columbia? He advocated abrogation of the Japanese treaty. He would not take away the lands of Orientals here, but he would advocate refusing them further lands. He would not open the schools to them. If some- thing were not done along the lines he advocated there would soon fol- low intermarriage. tamwr

He always haclern against the further naturalization of Orientals. He was prepared to accept, he said, the amendment suggested by Mr. Davie called upon the other side to remove politics from the consid- eration. He asked them to come to the aid of British Columbia in this hour of trial for the province.

Let the members stand together at this time In trying to remove from coming generations the con- tamination of the Oriental. Bruhn, in seconding the resolution, called attention to the fact that the first one to fight the Marketing Act was a Chinaman He went into the situation with respect to the Oriental pupils going into the schools and Into the Uni- versity where, he said, after the faculties were given to have them gain an education, they stayed in this country to hacketn with white people, while the children “of our own race had to seek places in an- other country.

He felt that this was the time to grapple with the matter.


He praised the manner In which Mr. Davie had brought up the subject. He had approached It In the proper way— a non-partlzan way.