Bekijk en download hier de handleiding van Gorenje wa Wasmachine ( pagina 18 van 24) (English). Ook voor ondersteuning en handleiding per email. Gorenje WA Washing Machine spares. – Buy the Washing Machine parts you need for your Gorenje repair online. Call 22 дек. Се продава машина за перење алишта Gorenje USE LOGIC од поновите модели машината е со дефект прегорен програматор може да.

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Failure The machine does not work symbols are not illuminated. For less stained laundry of this type, use short program. Excessive measure of detergent. The model you have selected has more than one serial number which may mean that some parts are serial number specific and therefore may appear multiple times in these search results. In some cases you may attempt removing certain failures yourself, so count the number of flashes, repeating after certain pauses.

Wool Especially gentle program for washing wool and garments made from mixture of other fabrics with wool, appropriately marked for machine washing. Level the machine with the adjustable legs. Installation and connection Package removal In removing the wrapping be careful not to damage the gorneje with a sharp object.

Jump to page Jump to page: Page 3 Description of washing gorennje Technical information depending on gorenjr 5.

Gorenje WA61061 Washing Machine Spares

Page 17 Failures The washing machine automatically monitors the execution of particular functions during the operation, and reports any detected failures. Normally despatched within 10 working days.


Rinse Independent program for rinsing delicate laundry, without intermediate gordnje and with short final spin. Add more detergent for such soiled laundry, or use liquid detergent.

Affix the outlet pipe to the drain. W ash larger quantity of laundry. Our site uses cookies.

Masina za perenje Gorenje WA 61061

BuySpares – Buy genuine replacement spares, spare parts and accessories for all your Home and Garden Electrical Appliances. Red Use this universal hose to connect your washing machine to W ater outlet is clogged.

They are selected by turning the program selector to the appropriate position. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The permanent connection must be fitted by an authorized personnel only. Possible cause Machine is not powered. You may use it for rinsing manually washed delicate laundry or for extra rinsing for people with skin sensitive to detergents. Water is leaking from the machine. Your brand Brand Gorenje.

Red Use this universal hose to connect your washing machine to the hot water supply. PDF Click to preview. Use the detergent containing whitener. Rinse Independent program for rinsing delicate laundry, without intermediate spinning and with short final spin.

If you use powder detergent the gate is lifted up, and in case of liquid detergent it is slid down. Detergent residues in the dispenser. When adding softener, be careful to fill the dispenser only up to the marked level.

Laundry is not properly The machine switched on gorneje spun. Washing time is longer than usual. Outlet pipe fell to the floor. Damaged mains power cable may be replaced only by the producer or his authorized personnel. For heavily stained permanent press use the wq61061 with the pre-wash.


The program selector A may be turned in both directions, and the appropriate program selected according to the type of laundry washed and the required washing temperature see Program Chart for help. T oo little detergent laundry wa6101.

Handleiding Gorenje wa (pagina 18 van 24) (English)

Washing machine operation Program is selected by turning the program selector A from the “0” position to the desired washing program.

Er is een email naar u verstuurd om uw inschrijving definitief te maken. Wash larger quantity of laundry. Your new washing machine meets the requirements of modern treatment of laundry. Time indicated on the display is corrected during the washing cycle.

Any damage to the heater due to failure to use a water conditioning agent shall not be covered by this warranty. Synthetics Normally stained shirts, blouses and other polyester and polyamide garments, or a mixture of these fabrics with cotton. The machine moves during operation. Water is poorly pumped out or not at all machine reports failure – seven flashes of LED.

Wij vragen u dus ook te reageren goreje een antwoord. If the appliance is used for professional purposes, for profit, or for purposes beyond regular use in a household, or if appliance is used by a person who is not a consumer, the warranty period equals the shortest warranty period possible as stipulated by the relevant legislation.

Remove any leftover dried detergent from the bottom of the casing.