Results 1 – 24 of 24 Una poà tica para el cuerpo. La semià tica en la praxis teatral by Cáceres Carrasco, Luis Augusto and a great selection of related books. Results 1 – 30 of 32 Der Ritter von der traurigen Gestalt. Saavedra, Migue Cervantes de: Published by Tosa Vlg.,. Used. Quantity Available: 1. US$ Art Events by Cercle Gestalt / Eivissa. Cercle Gestalt / Eivissa es un centro de formación y una plataforma de difusión de la Ciclo de Talleres Vivir los Sueos .

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gesta,t Click here to go to the home page and find out more. Click here to join. BirdForum is the net’s largest birding community, dedicated to wild birds and birding, and is absolutely FREE!

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Zen Birding

Saturday 5th July More so, much more so, to a birder. As each sight, each sound, reaches our perception a cacophony of meaning, relation, reinterpretation, significance, recognition non-recognition! As birders a bird’s significance in every sense, is enhanced.

Can we even see or hear a bird without its name blooming within our heads? And if we do not recognise a bird the blossoming of thought is much the louder. Each feather tract, each pattern of colour, each sound brings to mind a catalogue of abstract text, of meaning, of emotion, of memory. This then would seem to crowd the head in exactly the wrong way required for the non-attachment needed to approach nirvana. Yet there comes a feeling almost simultaneously, sometimes, of calm.

The Gestalt principles of perceptual organisation so automatic to us that, though the brain is really busy, it is still We stand outside ourself within our head. ALthough not in as many words I made a reference or two to the spirituality of birding and birding experiences in my second book “Flying over the Pyrenees, standing on the plains”.

For me the most enlightening experiences have been in places, usually just after dawn, where I have been completely alone, just me, nature, the birds Originally Posted by steve west. Sunday 6th July Originally Posted by KnockerNorton. Ah, Master Two, once I have learned to walk across rice paper without leaving a dimple, will I be able to stay in a state of profound peace when I come across a never before seen bird?


And will I be able to focus long enough to note major field marks in less than a second before the bird flys.

Zen Birding – BirdForum

Will I be able to stay calm when I look in the field guide and see 15 other birds that look the same except each has a different mark on the unseen underwing? Geez, H, when I’m sick, I can’t think at all; obviously that’s not the case with you.

I hope you’re feeling better and will geetalt be out on the path to at least temporary nirvana. H, Just wanted to say that I personally enjoyed your musings. Took me several decades back to some undergraduate studies in semiotics and Eastern philosophy, though for my graduate studies I took the hard-core analytic route. Hope you feel better as well. View this user’s Gallery View this user’s Gallery Profile. Thanks Jim, hope it made semiotic sense, then.

And hope you enjoyed the deliberate last sentence. Only a subject I’ve dipped the toe into purely out of interest.

Glad you are feeling better! Originally Posted by halftwo.

A very interesting read I came in here thinking that this would be about birding done similar to ‘Zen Photography’ – i. That’s the kind of thing I do if Gesyalt get a good sighting but don’t have the bins with me Ggestalt get a ‘snapshot’ and it’s stored in my head to replay later – nearest thing I’ll get to having a ‘photographic memory’ if you will.

Monday 7th July Tuesday 8th July It’s nice to know I’m not potty H, or at least not alone. Originally Posted by Larry Wheatland. Wednesday 9th July To get round the having to id it “problem”, I find snorkeling great, cos you can just appreciete the stuff without bothering to HAVE to id it. Like birding underwater without the “sickness”. I mentioned to Will Duckworth earlier on our trip that I, like many other British birders, had got into dragonflies, which sueoa course would involve identifying and listing them.

He said that he was determined to not get into them so there would be at least something he could just appreciate without having to try and identify the bloody thing.

On the positive hestalt though, I find even trying to id birds involves just a succession of moments where you are actually in the now, until the thought processes start to consider a visual image, or “feature”, seen a microsecond earlier etc.


So there can be something zen even in the being a birder part of birding. Is that vaguely relevent to the sort of thing gesralt mean H?

Last edited by Larry Sweetland: Wednesday 9th July at And quite agree with the snorkeling bit – if I can ever stop shouting “wow!

Thursday 10th July Friday 11th Julysueps Saturday 18th July Contact Us – Home – Top. Page 1 of 2. Find More Posts by halftwo. View this user’s Gestlt.

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View this user’s Gallery Profile Saturday 5th July Originally Posted by steve west For me the most enlightening experiences have been in places, usually just after dawn, where I have been completely alone, just me, nature, the birds Find More Posts by KnockerNorton. Stop taking drugs they are bad for you.

Find More Posts by Mannix. The hill gestalg stones, Orkney mainland Posts: Find More Posts by dafi. Thanks folks, a good mixed bag. Clive Watson Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines. Woking, Surrey, UK Posts: So, anything about then? Find More Posts by Clive Watson.

View this user’s Gallery Profile Sunday 6th July gesalt, Originally Posted by KnockerNorton Orange County, CA Posts: Find More Posts by SueO. About six on the eight-fold path, thanks Sue! Find More Posts by Jim M. Find More Posts by joannec. Chewbaxter Reformed “Bird Ignorer”! Find More Posts by Chewbaxter. View this user’s Gallery Profile Monday 7th July Hi Chewbaxter, Thanks – by all means. Originally Posted by halftwo Hi Chewbaxter, Thanks – by all means.

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