Džej Konrad Levinson je autor više od desetine knjiga iz „Gerila marketing“ serije Nekadašnji potpredsednik i kreativni direktor u marketinškim agencijama. Pogledajte i ostale knjige iz Biznisa, Menadžmenta, Marketinga, Ekonomije i .. Džej Konrad Levinson je autor više od desetine knjiga iz „Gerila marketing“. When Guerrilla Marketing was first published in , Jay Levinson revolutionized marketing strategies for the small-business owner with his take-no -prisoners.

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Jay Conrad Levinson is the author of more than a dozen books in the Guerrilla Marketing series. A former vice president and creative director at J. Walter Thompson Advertising and Leo Burnett Advertising, he is the chairman of Guerrilla Marketing International, a consulting firm serving large and small businesses worldwide.

What Is Guerrilla Marketing Today? Marketing is every bit of contact your company has with anyone in the outside world. Every bit of contact.

That means a lot of marketing opportunities. It does not mean investing a lot of money. Mareting meaning is clear: Marketing includes the name of your business; the determination of whether you will be selling a product or a service; the method of manufacture or servicing; the color, size, and shape of your product; the packaging; the location of your business; the advertising, public relations, Web site, branding, e-mail signature, knjlga message on your machine, and sales presentation; the telephone inquiries; the sales training; the problem solving; the growth plan and the referral plan; and the people who represent you, you, and your follow-up.

Marketing includes your idea for your brand, your service, your attitude, and the passion you bring to your business.

People must either switch brands or purchase a type of product or service that has never existed before. Or even a year. More than half your marketing time should be devoted to your existing customers. A cornerstone of guerrilla marketing is customer follow- up. Marketing is also the truth made fascinating. They want to succeed at earning more knjig, building their company, losing weight, attracting a mate, becoming more fit, or quitting smoking.

You can help geeila. You can show them how to achieve their goal. Marketing is not about you.

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I hope you never forget that. Marketing, if you go about things in the right way, is also a circle. The circle begins with your idea for bringing revenue into your life. Marketing becomes a circle when you have the blessed patronage of repeat and referral customers. Marketing is also unquestionably an art form because writing is an art, drawing is an art, photography is an art, dancing is an art, music is an art, editing is an art, and acting is an art.

But for now, brush aside those notions that marketing is a science and an art form. Drill into your mind the idea that at its core, marketing is a business. And the purpose of a business is to earn profits.


Gerila marketing | CEI NAHLA

A bookstore owner had the misfortune of being located between two enormous bookselling competitors. One day, this bookstore owner came to work to see that the competitor on his right had unfurled a huge banner: Worse yet, the competitor to the left of his store had unveiled an even larger banner: What was the owner of the little bookstore in the middle to do?

Instead, they rely on the brute force of a vivid imagination. Today, they are different from traditional marketers in twenty ways. I used to compare guerrilla marketing with textbook marketing, but now that this book is a textbook in so many universities, I must compare it with traditional marketing. Traditional marketing has always maintained that to market properly, you must invest money.

Traditional marketing is geared toward big business. Traditional marketing measures its performance by sales or responses to an offer, hits on a Web site, or store traffic.

Those are the wrong numbers to focus on. Guerrilla marketing reminds you that the main number that merits your attention is the size of your profits.

Profits are the only numbers that tell you the truth you should be seeking and striving for. For example, 90 percent of all purchase decisions are made in the unconscious mind, that inner deeper part of your brain. We now know a slam-dunk manner of accessing that unconscious mind: Traditional marketing suggests that you grow your business and then diversify. That kind of thinking gets many companies into hot water because it leads them away from their core competency.

Traditional marketing says that you should grow your business linearly by adding new customers one at a time. Traditional marketing puts all its effort on making the sale, under the false notion that marketing ends once that sale is made. Guerrillas never lose customers because of inattention to them.

Traditional marketing advises you to mraketing the horizon to gerioa which competitors you ought to obliterate. The term that guerrillas use for this outlook is fusion marketing.

Points made to the eye are 78 percent more memorable than points made to the ear. In these days of record-breaking clutter, a meme says the most in the least time. It is a godsend on the Internet, where people may spend no more than a few seconds at your Web site.

Me marketing makes them marketng. What they care about is themselves. Traditional marketing has always thought about what it could take from a customer. Guerrillas have a full understanding of the lifetime value of a customer, but they also concern themselves with what they can give a customer.

Can you do it for free?

Gerila marketing knjiga pdf merge

Traditional marketing would have you believe that advertising works, that having a Web site works, that direct mail and e-mail work. To those antiquated notions, guerrilla marketing says nonsense, nonsense, and nonsense.

People learn daily that they are paths to financial oblivion and shattered dreams. Direct mail and e-mail used to work.


So what does work? Guerrillas know that marketing combinations work. The days of single-weapon marketing have been relegated to the past. The ads and spots, combined with his Web site, are the marketing combination that brings home the bacon for him. Traditional marketers, at the end of the month, count money. Guerrillas count new relationships. Knowing that people actually do want relationships, guerrillas do everything they can to establish and nurture a bond between themselves and each individual customer.

They certainly do not disdain money, as indicated by their penchant for profits, but they know deep down that long-term relationships are the keys to the vault. Traditional marketing has rarely emphasized technology, primarily because the technology of yesterday was too expensive, limited, and complicated. It enables them to do what the big spenders do without the necessity to spend big. If you suffer from that affliction, make an appointment with your technoshrink immediately.

Technophobia is fatal these days. Traditional marketing has always aimed its message at groups: Guerrilla marketing aims its message at individuals or, if it must be a group, the smaller the group, the better. Traditional marketing broadcasts; guerrilla marketing narrowcasts, microcasts, and nanocasts. Traditional marketing is, for the most part, unintentional.

Guerrilla marketing is always intentional.

It pays close attention to all the details of contact with the outside world, ignoring nothing and realizing the stunning importance of those tiny but supercharged details.

Traditional marketing believes that you can make the sale with marketing. But some will want to learn more, giving rise to one of the newer terms in the dictionary: A woman operating a summer camp in the Northeast runs gerilq in the camping directories in the back of several magazines. She does not attempt to sell the camping experience, only to get people to request her free DVD.

Gerila marketing

She has a booth at local camping shows and gives away the same DVD. People view her DVD and see happy campers, trained counselors, beautiful surroundings, and superb equipment. Does the DVD attempt to sell the camping experience? It simply attempts to motivate people to call for an in-home consultation, at which more than 80 percent of parents sign their kids up for camp.

And not just one kid: Summer camp can be for four or five summers or more. She merely went for consent, and then she broadened that consent. The whole idea is wonderfully described geerila Seth Godin in marmeting landmark book, Permission Marketing.

Traditional marketing is a monologue. One person does knniga the talking or writing. Everyone else listens or reads. Hardly the basis of a relationship. Guerrilla marketing is a dialogue. One person talks or writes. The customer is involved with the marketing.