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Please consider supporting Energetic Forum with a voluntary monthly subscription. Smith circuit was not balanced and it needed counterweight which was Earth ground just my personal thought. More details you provide the more people’s intension probably will be to replicate experiment.

If you would like to hear my opinion – The effect I see for example, expresses same as I started to put detail by ennergy on another forum: This includes my view of what is related between working principles behind Hendershot, Dally,akula,Romanov and other devices. I will express my opinion on that too: Also I learned a lot over past 2 years while trying to understand what are working principles over experiments done by various people over time including reproducing NMR effect by myself but my personal goal was not to go and consume another matter as fuel but use N.

Last edited by T; at Originally Posted by clarence. Clean, I remember your Iron core enetgy transformer experiments but I couldn’t really see how you had connected the leads out of your transformer to effect the 60 hz resonance of the transformer itself. I am involved in the group implementation of the attached Don Smith device circuit.

This L1 turn total will be ultimately influenced by the inductance value of the Litz wire. In the expert’s mind there are few. Last edited by mr. Originally Posted by African.

PJKbook : Patrick Kelly : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Originally Posted by mr. Last edited by clarence; at This is what I’m running at the moment on my earthbattery. There is about 15v AC Hz, output on the secondary of the transformer and it pulls 4mA from the 12v battery. Find all posts by Peculian. Originally Posted by Peculian. Hi all from me too.

Patrick, if there is a chance for you to read these posts, I am very thankfull to you for everything you have done to make free energy research advance to the the point it is now. Even if you maybe dont realize the good help you have given to any of us who still try to comprehend something out of this mess of missinformation which circulates around the web and other media, you did a really great work and reseach which “ignited” to many of us the desire to trace or follow this road.


Meanwhile we respect your decision to “retire” from the Free Energy field. Also we really hope you had not being ‘forced’ to do so from the dark side forces. God Bless your Genereous soul!

Deep Respect to you and a wish for you to have a peaceful continuing of your life. K used himself or 4shared. K I have and will let you know soon. E’s everywhere,your monumental contribution to the field will be remembered and respected for years to come, and the rest of some of our lives.

Last edited by hotrod68r; at Patrick, if there is a chance for you to read these posts, I am very thankfull to you for everything. Hi Guys, Thanks to eWizard for this link over in another thread: Priceless work of art.

I have to restrain myself from writing about the additional details in this pdf that has my jaw dropping. Always something to learn. Guys please share generously to all and sundry. I will give my friends with similar interest a copies of this priceless work. This seed must be spread as far and wide as possible.

Patrick we’ll will take the baton from here and finish this race. Originally Posted by Gedfire. Originally Posted by boguslaw. Last edited by ctbenergy; at Originally Posted by ctbenergy. A partical construction of one of Don Smith’s devices Edit: Last edited by ewizard; at Hi all, I have updated my Don Smith rough design, I am still not finished working on it.

I am only presenting my own understanding of his device, as even Pjkboo, implied, It is not Free Energy it comes from understanding resonance. So let us explore the parametric and transient in our circuits, this is where great discoveries are still to be made. These are just rough calculations and hand drawn wave wnergy. This is how I work when I design something, just energu and intuitions. I will never build it unless the circuit works in my minds eye.

These diagrams are meant to spark some interest in parametrics and transient understanding. Eric Dollard and Steinmetz has lots of info on transient wave forms and Parametrics are a open field, as lasers use parametrics this would be a place to start. I hope you can gain some insight from my approach, Regards Arto. My suggestion is to correct your calculation formulas in dependence of Don Smith nomogram. So if you have readed his “Resonance Energy Systems” you energ what i think.

I have extracted his logarithmic nomogram from vree book. Also i have more suggestions about schemetic. I know Don Smith schematic which rolling over Internet is not correct. I know that is a Truth because till now there would be Energetic Rree and many people would be free from Governements electricity bills.


Free energy

If we want correct schematic we need to study Tesla work and learn to think and work in Tesla’s terms. In two words to be the same High Spirit like he. I agree with you on these thoughts. If yes, what are your conclusions. Thanks and pjkbooi regards.

Originally Posted by artoj. And this forum is like all the others. So fellas what have you come up with? John Searl appears to be a fraud bilking investors since the s, and today energj SEG has yet to take off In the final analysis it seems that Donald Smith devices are too good to be true. Pjkgook ALL of you can’t be that stupid in trying to replicate his work?

I will buy it, so will the billions standing in line and the billions still to be born. All you need to do is demonstrate what you claim over and over again. How hard can that be?

Let me offer you a technology that has been proven to work unlike Donald Smiths. Have any of you heard of the NANO motor that can turn a disk times its own size, and the rotation of the disk can be reversed by using ‘light frequencies’?

And it can also be used to unzip DNA. Now there is a design I would try to replicate unlike what Donald Smith is offering. This is in fact a proven design. A design that is complimentary to our DNA which in itself is quite the ‘machine’ itself. Oh btw this design has been hidden in plain site pjkboook You can only veil it with a bunch of negative propaganda.

Where can I find such a design? Of course, how else did America become so rich and powerful? Last edited by Raphael37; at BB code is On. All times are GMT. The time now is Shoutbox provided uuk vBShout v6. Donald Smith Devices too good to be true.

Also any discussion about the environment, global warming, and other related topics are welcome here. Page of Find all posts by T Find all posts by janost. Originally Posted by clarence Hello Mr. Find all posts by mr. Ul all posts by African.