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Please note that the specification is to understand in working DAYS! In the following you will find “Reference or reference numbers”, which identify the displayed article as appropriate, if this number is listed. It is taken in part to different ways of writing of a “reference or comparison number” and displayed as a possible input.

The different spellings are not exhaustive but and more different spellings are possible! Below is a listing of all equipment and machines for the displayed article as suitable is identified. The collection is not exhaustive but it is possible that more suitable equipment and machinery exist in which fits the displayed article We are constantly trying to update the use list and are very grateful for advice! The shipping costs include the shipment as well as the cost of packaging cardboard and packaging materials and are shown in the following table overview.

If several letter shipping enabled items in the shopping cart are stored, we reserve the right to send these articles together into one package.

Shock Absorber Rose 80N Washing Machine Alternative AEG Küppersbusch | eBay

This but no additional costs for shipment arise for you as a customer you pay only only the discounted postage rate letter, although you will receive a package!

Still, there is the possibility that placing letter-shipped items, as well as additional articles with shipping in the shopping cart as a customer. In this case is then automatically to the package shipping changed on the costs in terms of higher shipping methodis due only once.

This will be shown in the shopping cart! At the bedienungsaanleitung of purchase of the several articles please go to the checkout only after the last article purchase! Condition cases is that it is the ordered articles to the same shipping method E.

We can guarantee this but not extensively! If you have placed several orders and THEN the checkout have invoked and completed, shipping you will be charged only once. You receive the order bbedienungsanleitung indicating correctly calculated the “one-time” shipping cost by mail. You can order from us risk-free – shipping domestically is carried out mainly with the shipping providers DHL and DPD. All items in stock are immediately available from stock!

For all domestic customers the time of delivery is days, after receipt of payment cash on delivery payments will be shipped promptly! In this case, the Liefezeit specified in the article is crucial! Country-specific something longer transaction and delivery times, which usually days longer amount exist for all bedidnungsanleitung orders. Information brdienungsanleitung the calculation of the delivery date: The deadline for delivery begins when payment in advance on the day after acceptance of the payment order to the transferring Bank PLUS days, may be bedienunggsanleitung by the payment between foorn institutions or other methods of payment the day after conclusion of the contract PLUS days, may be required by the payment between credit institutions to run and ends with the expiry of the last day of the period.

Is the last day of the period on a Saturday, Sunday or a general holiday recognized at the place of delivery, the next working day occurs at the point of one such day. The order, pick up, complaint fofon return of ordered article is unfortunately not possible on the spot.


ALTERNATIVE shock absorbers such as Electrolux 132255301/5

bedlenungsanleitung Please forn therefore mail to us. Please contact us and inform us with your information. We go on the search for you! We will then get in touch 12611 you and offer you the desired article, or order on request order with a certain waiting periodor but they inform you that we have the article unfortunately not in the assortment and also short term can get it.

Almost all offered items are available ex stock. Because it is “Special orders”, the delivery time will increase accordingly something. Thus, the dispatch of your order is delayed by some days. If you are interested to just contact us by email.

If you are not sure, consult in advance with us in connection and give your component and device data, so that we can compare.

Universal Seal 3/4 Mit Sieve for Intake Hose Washing Machine Dishwasher | eBay

We give you an answer, bedienungsanleitng the article is suitable as soon as possible. Yes – this is definitely possible! Please contact us with your information. We will 1216 get in touch with you and offer you the desired article, or order on request order with a certain waiting periodor but they inform you that we have the article unfortunately not in the assortment and short-term via “Special order” can get it. We would not exclude but generally, that we etc.

Will be shipped immediately after receipt of payment this is bedienungsanleitungg daily. Orders with payment “Cash on delivery” be released immediately to the logistical processing.

For all domestic customers the delivery time is days, after receipt of payment cash on delivery fooron will be immediately sent! For all international orders, the delivery time extends for about days. You will automatically receive an email when your order to the shipping provider – passed including a shipment status link of the shipper will be added.

We can not offer unfortunately a cash 12261 in connection with personal collection! You will receive all possible payment options right after the purchase the checkout “Pay now” or “Next” function. In addition, you automatically receive an order confirmation via email, which shows bedieenungsanleitung the necessary information on total amount, purpose, account information, address, etc after the purchase.

Please check your details also there again billing and above all shipping address and sign up if necessary immediately via email if an error did you there. Please note that you may have different q data in eBay to those in the payment option PayPal of address stored data. Contact in this case us in conjunction, if an incorrect delivery address is specified in the order confirmation.

Special agreements of types of payment: You agree that PayPal Europe S. We reserve the right to deny you this payment as a result of the credit check, you are over here in the eBay Checkout informed.

Registration of invoice purchase is PayPal Europe S.

The payment period is 14 days from receipt of the goods. So that we can clearly associate the incoming payment from you, you indicate your order number, and your name and surname in the intended use. This helps us identify of the payment and allocation to the appropriate order. Otherwise, a unique assignment is not bedjenungsanleitung and the processing may be delayed. The Bill includes also the designated VAT.

Electrolux 1240349017 latching relay

Please inquire about our cancellation policy and terms and conditions. To ensure an orderly and clear bedienungsaleitung and return flow, contact you in advance of the return with us in connection and inform us about a possible return. This helps us to return as soon as possible to settle forin. Please connect immediately with us, so that we can create the problem from the world as soon as possible! We try to find a solution for you as soon as possible!


Accurate information about a possible return. Please attach a copy of aa invoice of the return, and if possible also the reason for return, and your complete bank details, so that we may remit to the invoice amount back you. The return address, see the revocation. If you are using the supplied article not fully satisfied, or but defects are present, please consult with us together, to agree upon the further procedures and to clarify other options in advance.

If a spare or replacement delivery is not possible, we will refund the amount of the invoice. Upon receipt of the return, the goods undergoes may through our customer service department.

Please you are aware that this can take days to complete before performing the replacement delivery or referral. We hope for your understanding. Please see refrain from non-free returns! For us as the recipient considerable extra effort and cost, which to avoid arise in part. Under certain circumstances, we reserve an offsetting of the additional costs for an referral of amount of.

Monday – Friday from 8: Please check your stored address data. In case of incorrect address details there may be delays regarding the delivery of your order by our shipping provider. Please call until the checkout process after the last article purchase. Only thus all ordered items are combined into froon total order and you get calculated shipping costs also only once. You receive an order confirmation email from us. There appear necessary and additional information, that are important for the final order processing.

Please check your input address data in the confirmation again. The order is made promptly weekdays after receipt of payment and passed to our shipping provider. On the status of the shipment, you will receive via mail.

The order will be shipped usually via insured shipping. Exceptions apply only article mail shipping option. The delivery time will be shown in the offer. Country-specific something longer transaction and bediennugsanleitung times exist for all international orders.

This is not a necessary condition with regard to the exercise of the statutory right of withdrawal, helps us but to to settle the return as soon as possible to your satisfaction. Please you are aware that this can take days to completebefore the Exchange delivery, or Referral bedienunggsanleitung is performed. We forgive our reviews as a seller automatically after your purchase and triggered payment.

Reviews are very important for us as a vendor, because it gives buyers from buyer point of view an impression that how we present ourselves on the market. We are always ready to meet your needs and want to make you completely satisfied – for that we stand with our name!

Please take time to get us a review shortly. And once something is not to your satisfaction has taken place, you rate us please not rush with a neutral, or even negative bedienungsanleitug. We are also made of “Flesh and blood” and make mistakes, we would switch off but as soon as possible and resolve! Contact advance with us together, so we can meet you and resolve the dispute to your satisfaction.