FMC Technologies is a market leader in supplying thermal wellhead systems for heavy oil applications. Technology developed in Canada over the past 25 years . Rated for working pressures to 15, psi, FMC Subsea Drilling Systems offers UWD subsea wellheads for a complete range of shallow and deepwater. FMC offers surface wellheads and trees for WAS with equipment designed with special considerations for minimizing wellhead and tree height and weight for.

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FMC Surface Wellhead

The tubing threads can be used to suspend tubing when an operator wants to reciprocate tubing, but does not require a back-pressure valve in the tubing hanger. Flange or Clamp Hub 2. Compact designs that minimize weight and height for the tight well spacing and riser weight restrictions of deepwater dry completion units.

A separate gate-lift nut contains the mating threads instead of the gate itself. Stainless Steel or Aluminum Stem Protector: The SBMS maintains sufficient contact-sealing stress even wellheaf very low pressure. Fire-test facilities with sophisticated data output?

It provides the proper compression and squeeze even with the larger API casing tolerances. These lockdown screws have three functions: With the TC dual-split hanger, tubing strings can be run and pulled independently, allowing maximum clearance for gas-lift or subsurface safety valves.


Slotted Metal, Transparent Repair Kit consists of elastomers for bonnet and power section: Packoffs welhlead tubing string manipulation for setting packers or displacing fluid while sealing the annulus between the tubing and the production casing. Flanged, studded, male thread or female thread 2.

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Separate weather seals on the Series valve bonnet assemblies isolate the stem, stem bearings, packing nut and other internal components from external environment. Slip-type casing hangers provide wellheae method to transfer the weight or tension load of a casing string to a casing head or spool.

Has a nonrising stem. The design effectively intensifies the annulus pressure and thus the internal stress in the elastomer to minimize the effects of explosive decompression. Shear pin release provides positive s.

The basic adapter is normally installed with the tree after tubing is run. They are manufactured from compounds with long life expectancy in oil production environments.

FMC secures Peregrino wellhead contract from StatoilHydro – cDiver

L ine FMC Surface Wellhead understands that the cost of your wellhead system is part of your purchasing criteria. Endurance Test Cells — Automated life-cycle testing of gate valves. For additional information, go to www. See section on Completion Solutions. The pin can be quickly replaced without disassembling the valve bonnet. Destructive and nondestructive testing? The PI seal is designed for use up to wellheac, psi working pressure and temperatures up to 75 o F or as low as o F, depending on the elastomer selected.


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Regular or H2S F. Description A diverter landing ring is welded to the drive or conductor pipe. Use of intermediate pressure rated valves 6, psi for weight savings. They are also guided by detailed reports including photographs and schematics that document the size, working pressure, serial numbers and manufacture of each piece of equipment on each wellhead. Male thread, female thread, slip-on weld, slip-on weld with internal seal or Slip Loc 2.

Each segment accepts a back-pressure valve and is available with control-line preparations for surface-controlled subsurface safety valves.

We support them with state-of-theart materials-analysis laboratories equipped to provide full-scale product testing that replicates actual environmental and operating conditions.

In addition, the system works well for applications where high production rates deplete rapidly and a siphon string is to be added at a later date to further enhance production. It is compatible only with single-string TC-Series tubing hangers and packoffs.

Designed for high-pressure oil and gas applications.