A better title might be The Books of Disquiet. Each entry in this fictional diary of one Bernardo Soares represents an attempt to create a distinct biography. The Book of Disquiet (Penguin Classics) [Fernando Pessoa, RICHARD Zenith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The prizewinning. The Book of Disquiet: The Complete Edition [Fernando Pessoa, Jerónimo Pizarro , Margaret Jull Costa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Get updates Get updates. How many Horaces I’ve been. I will let it stand as is: He is the only one who neither disguises nor deludes himself. Fragments from under the Floorboards Both versions of the work have been presented to the reader as if it was a novel. Civilization consists in giving an inappropriate name to something and then dreaming what results from that. The future, the past, the present. Pero hay m Es curiosa la cadena de novelas que a veces se produce.

View all 44 comments. That which does not matter, matters precisely because of it. If you’re into stuff diaquiet this, you can read the full review.

For me, humanity is one vast decorative motif, existing through one’s eyes and ears and through psychological emotion.

The winds of Fado embrace this land as it also drapes this material. The editors have assembled the fragments in a thematic way, even though the same themes appear multiple times in the finished text.


The Book of Disquiet: The Complete Edition

The Book of Disquiet should be read slowly and thoughtfully, savored and sipped like fine wine. As our life is measured through the archived clippings of one’s memory, whether one actually performed the deeds fegnando matters less than the detail and substance they contain.

Fame and ambition, rain and dreams. There is not a neat box to categorize this story. And in fact the false name and the true dream do create a new reality. But even in its elegiac angst, there is beauty and comfort to be found. I make it a practice never ever to take advice on sex from priests, nuns and lifelong virgins. But our natures are diverse, for I am not as solitary as he was. Pessoa invented mul The Book of Disquiet should be read slowly and thoughtfully, savored and sipped like fine wine.

The Portuguese speak and behave without swag, without conceit, without pomp, without attitude. It is a little like a novel, often like a collection of prose poems, and often like a series of aphorisms and philosophical reflections. Pessoa writes with the passion of Nietzsche.

Nor do I care. View all 54 comments. A cup of coffee, a cigarette and my dreams can substitute quite well for the universe and its stars, for work, love, and even beauty and glory. I know my defects are too strong for me to love myself as much as the idea of myself. The Book of Disquietif not unique, is close to it.


It is ultimately passionate and painful. It grasped my soul and never let go. I make holidays of my sensations. But here are a choice few. However, for him, his own mind is of paramount concern. There are so many incisive passages in The Book of Disquiet that seem worthy of unpacking.

Surely after years or so we can ready him safely enough. He had to bend over, stoop down, to commit the ignominy of beholding himself.

The Book of Disquiet – Wikipedia

Yes, my dreams might not be his dreams but they are diaquiet alive as his, as dear to me as his were to him. It is the story of his life, which was very little but intellectual. Mind you, Pessoa acknowledged that Soares most resembled his true self [ “me minus reason and affectivity” ], to the extent there might only have been one.

It would become prey out of its web.