This page provides Java code examples for vor. The examples are extracted from open source Java projects. This page provides Java code examples for vor. The examples are extracted from open source Java projects from GitHub. PrintStatus status = new PrintStatus();. /*Create the DocFlavor for GIF */. DocFlavor flavor = ;. /* Create an attribute set comprising.

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The other information contained in an instance of a DocFlavor object is a definition of how the document is delivered to a print service.

An instance of a representation class is used to define this information and referenced within a DocFlavor object via static inner classes. A DocFlavor object describes the data that’s to be printed by an instance of an iSeries PrintService instance.

Java Print Service API User Guide: 3 – Specifying Document Types

The AttributeSet object, the other input parameter in the lookupPrintService methods, enables applications to select a print service based on the capabilities of the configured printer represented by its print service. In other words, if an application specifies an AttributeSet object on a call to the lookupPrintService method, the method will return only instances of print services that support the specified attributes.


Tables 1, 2, 3, and 4 identify which attributes are supported by the iSeries JPS implementation. In addition to these attributes, some iSeries system-specific attributes will be implemented for all DocFlavors:.

After an application locates a print service that can handle a specific document data format and the desired attributes, it creates a print job from the selected print service using the createPrintJob method of the print-service object.

This method returns an instance of cor DocPrintJob object. The application must then define the document to be printed by creating an instance of a Doc object, specifying the object that represents the data to be printed, a DocFlavor object that describes the type of data and optionally, a DocAttributeSet object.

Finally, the application uses the print method of the DocPrintJob object to initiate the printing of the document on the selected dcflavor printer. Under the covers, the iSeries JPS implementation sends the document to the output queue with the same name as the printer device configuration name that the print service represents.


DocFlavor (Java Platform SE 7 )

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