MOTOR WANKEL El motor Wankel es un tipo de motor de combustión interna, inventado por Felix Wankel, que utiliza rotores en vez de los. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Simulation of Wankel Engine Performance SIMULACIÓN COMPUTACIONAL DEL CICLO OPERATIVO Y. El motor Wankel de es el motor de tipo rotatorio más conocido que existe, pero tiene bastantes inconvenientes. Entre ellos está un mayor.

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Since the invention of the combustion engine, the winning mechanism has been the connecting rod-crank mechanism. However, other solutions have been tried over time, such as rotary engines and, in particular, the Wankel, also used in karting.

A fascinating mechanical challenge that is worth telling. Almost all combustion engines on the market work thanks to a connecting rod-crank mechanism, whose motion is transmitted by one or more cylindrical pistons. It is a system that, thanks to its construction simplicity and reliabilityhas remained substantially unchanged since the invention of the combustion engine second half of the nineteenth century to date.

In particular, the two-stroke engine dominated in karting, because of its simplicity, high specific power and low running costs. However, the same goes for the 4-stroke enginethe connecting rod-crank system also has some disadvantagessuch as the presence of high inertial forces generated in the alternating rectilinear motion of the piston, with a consequent loss in power due to friction.

The rotating engine par excellence is the Wankel engine, invented by the German Felix Wankel in the first half of the twentieth century. The first Wankel engines were developed and produced by the German carmaker NSUbut several technological problems undermined its success. Subsequently it was Mazda who carried on its development, eventually market models of cars with an aspirated engine and a turbo.

On the other hand, other companies developed Wankel engines with contained displacements for specific sectors. For example, the karting sector, which saw the particular intervention of Italsistem. Its shape is that of an epitrochoid, that is a bend generated by the rolling of a generating circumference on another fixed circumference. An element that rotates inside the stator. It is shaped around the bends that surround an equilateral triangle, where all the points of the contour are equidistant from the opposite vertex.


The 4 functioning phases of a Wankel engine: The unit cylinder displacement is given by the difference between the two maximum and minimum values of the chamber. Without going into too much detail, the geometric equation is shown above: The Wankel is a 4-stroke engine which has one or more rotors that rotate and which, in turn, rotate a crankshaftall contained in a statoror a number of stators.

The gear ratio is 1. At the centre of the rotor there is a large housing where a bushing is seated. The eccentric shaft is supported by bushings mounted in the side covers. Therefore, the Wankel engine is a 4-stroke engine whose 4 phases are comparable to those of a traditional piston engine, but with the peculiarity that the crankshaft for a single-rotor has a combustion phase at each revolution.

On the other hand, the rotor performs 1 complete turn with respect to the centre every 3 rotations of the crankshaft. As if it were a 2-stroke engine! The total displacement of the Wankel is obtained by comparison with a similar 4-stroke engine with traditional pistons.

If, as we have said, the unit cylinder displacement completes a 4-phase cycle with every rotation of the crankshaft in a Wankel engine, comparing it with a traditional engine, the same thing happens in a 4-stroke twin cylinder engine with equal unit cylinder displacement that is. Regarding equivalence, the total displacement of a Wankel corresponds to the unit cylinder displacement multiplied by twoin other words, in this case, as if it were a 4-stroke twin-cylinder.

Or, by making a further comparison, as if it were a 2-stroke single-cylinder engine with the unit cylinder displacement. However, compared to traditional piston engines, the Wankel engine has very poor performance combustion chambers. This is the main reason why it is an engine that will hardly see future developments worthy of note.

File:Wankel engine – Wikimedia Commons

The shape of the combustion chamber in relation to its shape, is more or less squared in part it is also obtained on the rotorwhile we know that in an efficient chamber the ratio between the surface and volume of the chamber should be as low as possible cuclo top would be a spherical shape. This inefficiency leads to greater fuel consumption and, therefore, greater environmental pollution.


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A cjclo mechanical challenge that is worth telling read more. The Wankel is a 4-stroke engine in which the rotation of a rotor, contained in a stator, puts the crankshaft in motion.


Simple diagram of the operation of a Wankel rotary engine read more. Its shape is that of an epitrochoid, that is a bend generated by the rolling of a generating circumference on another fixed circumference read more. It is shaped around the bends that surround an equilateral triangle, where all the points of the contour are equidistant from the opposite vertex read more.

The picture shows the 3 variable volume combustion chambers read more. They can interest you What you need to know about kart chassis tubes. Silicone to dampen vibrations and prolong the life of exhaust springs. The engine is the heaviest component on a complete racing kart.

Designing a 4-stroke racing engine for karts. The difference between 2-stroke and 4-stroke kart engines. Once in a Lifetime.

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