Overtime. A Original. Laundry Files. Charles Stross. Tor Books Now, in “Overtime,” the Laundry is on a skeleton staff for Christmas—leaving one. Halo (HTML) (Asimov’s, June ). Available as part of this fix-up novel (HTML) (PDF) (EBook). Hugo Nomination for Best Novelette Featured in Gardner. with the “About” on this thread, even though there is a work record for Overtime.

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LibraryThing All topics Hot topics Book discussions. First published online on December 22, at Tor. Dec 20,8: Note for those of us reading the larger “Laundry Files” series: This story falls between The Fuller Memorandum and The Apocalypse Codexin a simpler, more idyllic time prior to the full bloom of Bob’s managerial responsibilities.

Having trouble with the overti,e on this thread, even though there is a work record for Overtime.

Buy for others

Touchstoning here to make the connection. Dec 20, Despite their lack of actuality, I think Forecasting Ops also features in one of the novels. The Rhesus Chartmaybe? After that, it was all just working out the plot to get back to the status quo ante for the benefit of the novel series.

I would say this is the least of all the Laundry stories I’ve read. Still, converting Santa into Krampus is a neat trick. If my daughter were a little younger, I’d be tempted to menace her with warnings about the Filler of Stockings.

No, it’s best that she’s older–old enough to get the joke even. Readers current on the series will note that Kringle’s prophecy is fulfilled–no more Laundry voertime Xmas parties. And the punchline of the final paragraph was cute.

Dec 20,9: I agree that this is a lesser Laundry file. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it an an introduction to the series, which is fantastic, but it is still a nice little Xmas tale. Also, “the ghost of Christmases rendered-fictional-by-temporal-paradox” seems to have been overlooked by Dickens. The idea of “Mahogany Row and the sleeping ghosts of management to come” is a truly creepy one, especially if you work around anything like an emptied-by-the-holidays office setting.


I certainly wouldn’t recommend it an an introduction to the series I guess that’s heartening, because after the rave reviews of The Laundry I’ve heard in various places this felt like a letdown.

FAQ: The Laundry Files–series timeline – Charlie’s Diary

The best bits were the office humour. Yeah, if you want to read a Laundry short story that actually carries the horror element, I’d say Equoid is the one. It also actually tackles the issue of Lovecraft and his writings in the context of a “logical fantasy” narrative where they reflect a “true” state of affairs.

The best Laundry stuff is in the novels, though. Dec 20,1: The more I think about it, the more I am glad to have read this in “the season. It’s a holiday greeting as much as it is a work of fiction.

I suppose humans would collapse in maniacal horrified laughter, when confronted with him. Have to swap out reindeer for unicorns, too.

Oh, ovrtime we see the hidden meaning of Rudolph. Dec 20,7: It reminds me of the vogue that A Night in the Lonesome October enjoyed among us a couple of months ago.

Amen to that, and to all a good night! This was, ovettime fact, my introduction to the Laundry but as with Zelazny, I was in a fitting mood for just this sort of introduction. I also presumably will forget all the spoiler-y bits for the novels, when I get round to them. In addition to the well-observed office bureaucracy satire, the central joke of “Sandy Claws” pace Tim Burton as menace, and the penultimate joke “The future is here” just as the Christmas incursion manifests in the furnaceI also liked the jokey names: Dr Kringle, Robert Howard, J.

And the jest of invoking the weak anthropic principle to avoid Chthulhoid mastication is chadles. The ward he wields?

Something peculiar to Bob which accounts for his Laundry aptitude? It appears to have been working even at the time of Kringle’s lecture, given how difficult it was for Bob to pay attention even though he thought it was important. He calls the meeting, but in the end seems to leave with some exasperation as though the entire thing were a waste of time.

At first Shross thought he wanted a specific question answered, but he didn’t appear to ask it, let alone get an answer.

Perhaps he merely wanted to share his emotion as we often do following workplace announcements of the sort they just heardwhich makes sense in context but I was getting a textual clue there was something more. I read this a few years back just before Christmasand it was indeed my introduction to the Laundry universe.


I’ve only picked up a few shorter entries since then including Equoidbecause I’ve already got too many series going on, but I wouldn’t say it put me off the universe. Think not only of the traditions of the Norse Odin, with which the figure of Santa Claus is associated, but with the shamanic rituals of Lap antiquity, performed by a holy man who drank the urine of reindeer that had eaten the sacred toadstool, Amanita Muscaria —wearing the bloody, flayed skin of the poisoned animals to gain his insight into the next year— These remarks are the first time I’ve seen a suggestion that Saint Nick’s red suit was “the bloody, flayed skin of I particularly liked “Residual Human Resources”.

And here was I thinking that Santa’s red suit was the product of a Coca-Cola advertising campaign. However, after extensive research in such august sources of information as Wikipedia and the Beeb, it seems that Santa’s suit predates Coke and is based on a bishop’s clobber.

Mind tsross, I suppose that could originally have been the bloody, flayed skins etc. It’s amazing that he can make that work both straight, as in “A Colder War”, and in a lighter key, as here. The novels are also good. Stros read up through number 3, at about even intervals since the Golden Gryffin Press edition of “The Atrocity Archive”, and haven’t felt the need to reread to follow the plot.

I think that may change for the later novels though, with the story becoming more continuous. Also, despite having been gone from office work for a couple decades now, Stross nails the chaeles holiday-party atmosphere.

: Overtime: A Original (Laundry Files) eBook: Charles Stross: Kindle Store

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