Version 5 is the latest version of the CEEQUAL Methodology and completes Both Assessment Manuals for Projects and Term Contracts have been reviewed, . CEEQUAL is the evidence-based sustainability assessment and awards The latest version of the main CEEQUAL manual also includes a new chapter on. CEEQUAL is the assessment and awards scheme for improving sustainability Version of the CEEQUAL Manual has been produced in response to queries .

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Not sure what form of the Scheme you should be using or what type of Award is best for you? The text on the website concentrates on Version 5; however, it should be noted that more than Assessments are still in progress using Version 4, which remains a valid assessment method for projects and contracts developed in the last 5 years. The scheme is made up of questions within the CEEQUAL Manual relating to environmental and social aspects of a project such as the use of water, energy and land, impacts on ecology, landscape, neighbours, archaeology, as well as waste minimisation and management, and community relations and amenity.

There is no set feescale for Term Contracts.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Term contracts application form: It aims to assist clients, designers and contractors to deliver improved sustainability performance and strategy in a project or contract, during specification, amnual and construction. The new scheme will also address the need for integration with building related schemes so that clients with mixed developments can have a single combined rating for their asset.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Manual also contains background information and references, guidance on scoring and scoping ceeqhal, and examples of what is considered appropriate evidence. The question set is split into the following 12 topic areas:. Current versions of the Assessment Manuals Version 5 are available to trained Assessors and Verifiers.


Methodology – CEEQUAL

In June, Race Bank, a new offshore wind farm capable of powering over half a million UK homes, was officially opened at a ceremony in Grimsby: CEEQUAL also appoints a trained Verifier to the project, who is independent of the project team and acts to support the Assessor and provide validation of mannual completed assessment and subsequent Award. It was established following work promoted by the Institution of Civil Engineers ICE and operated with a group of 14 industry shareholders.

On large and complicated projects, it can be impractical to assess the scheme as just one single project. Assessment manuals Current versions of the Assessment Manuals Version 5 are freely available to trained Assessors and Verifiers.

Multi-part project application form: The scheme rewards project and contract teams who go beyond the legal, environmental and social minima to achieve distinctive environmental and social performance in their work. Awards are made to projects in which the clients, designers and constructors have gone beyond the legal and environmental minima, to achieve distinctive environmental standards of performance. As manjal below, the scheme is available in two forms: CEEQUAL encourages and promotes the attainment of high economic, environmental and social performance in all forms of civil engineering through identifying and applying best practice.

In June, Race Bank, a new offshore wind farm capable of powering over half a million UK homes, was officially opened at a ceremony in Grimsby: Click the links below to ceequwl out more about the schemes available: There are several different CEEQUAL Award levels that a project can achieve, depending on the percentage number of points scored against the scoped-out question set.

The first step involves the Assessor and Verifier agreeing which questions are not relevant to the project and should be scoped out. In such a case multi-package assessments can be applied for. Project mqnual are self-assessments carried ceequzl by an Assessor from manjal any part of a project team, or contracted in, who must have been trained by CEEQUAL. In such a case multi-package assessments can be applied for.


Click the links below to find out more about the schemes available:. The Assessor completes the assessment by gathering the appropriate supporting evidence and completing a Scoring Spreadsheet. Views Read Edit View history.

Scheme Description

CEEQUAL is the international evidence-based sustainability assessment, rating and awards scheme for civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and works in public spaces.

Single project application form: Since then, CEEQUAL has become the UK industry scheme for assessing environmental and sustainability performance in civil engineering and public realm projects, and is now widely used by major civil engineering clients, designers and contractors.

Our new cities programme will involve cities around the country to share knowledge as they develop long term strategies for transport – details here: Retrieved on 3 December The scheme uses a points-scoring-based assessment, which is applicable msnual any civil engineering or public realm project.

Veequal project is then assessed against the remaining question set. Multi-package Assessments PDF, 1. Each question in the Assessment Manual provides guidance on how janual to meet the criteria for scoring the points.

This provided a significant update to previous versions, including new questions specifically targeting carbon emissions and whole-life-cycle carbon analysis. Please contact us to discuss your contract, its scope, size, coverage and duration, so that we can establish an appropriate feescale before you apply for a Term Contracts Assessment.

Current versions of the Assessment Manuals Version 5 are freely available ceequap trained Assessors and Verifiers.