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It could be a major chord, i. If it shows [G] it is Scale set 4. You can change to sdrian Scale set combination to better suit your vocal range. It can also help you to choose the possible chord combinations for composing a song or just jamming in any scale set. F, C La rin rin rin F, C, E7 ama a su tierra.

A- tomando conciencia de salvar la tierra. F, C, E7 honramos la tierra. A- E- D, E- nos abre las puertas para caminar mejor. Cnacionero Mama Coca medicina E7, A- Yo tengo tantos hermanos que no los puedo contar. A- E7, A- Nos perdemos por el mundo, nos volvemos a encontrar. E7, A- Yo tengo tantos hermanos que canckonero los puedo contar, E7, A- y una hermana muy hermosa que se llama libertad.

Abel Zabala

C, F, C Ayahuasca supaykaya C, F, C Chacrunera pinturera supaykaya C, F, C Chihuahuaco supaykaya C, F, C Tomapende supaykaya C, F, C Otorongo supaykaya C, F, C Remocaspi supaykaya C, F, C Wiraqocha supaykaya C, F, C Pachamama supaykaya C, F, C Huachumita supaykaya A- C, E- A- Nadi wewe F, C, D- Danza y mueve tu cuerpo en espirales hacia el sol.

F, C, D- Caminos despejados por la fuerza del romedo. F, C, D- Pinta la noche oscura con estrellas luminosas. D- G7, G- D- Pinta en el gran desierto oasis llenos de rosas. D- G7, G- D- Plantar la semilla del arcoiris es la cura. F, C, D- Cristales despertando con la fuerza del amor.

D- G7, G- D- Deidades van llegando en la escalera del cielo.

D- G7, G- D- Palacios de cuarzo y esmeraldas nos esperan. D- G7, G- D- Y en mi interior despertando y voy en estallando en puro color. F, C, D- Y en tu interior despertando y vas estallando en puro color. Gomero, B- A, B- En tu ausencia akre sorpresa del misterio contemplar.

A, D, A, D Recordar el compromiso de todo respetar. A, D, A, D Recordar el compromiso de vivir en paz. A, D, A, D Recordar el compromiso de a nadie olvidar. This song is traditionally sung during a strong or adroan moment in a ceremony to bring lightness and Claras peaceful energy F, C, G, C Ven con nosotros C, G, C, G Sea lo que sea D, A- Pidiendo la cura para mi locura A- C pidiendo que mi alma sea libre otra vez. D, A- Pidiendo que a cambio de una noche cantando C romro amor y la fuerza su sonrisa nos de.


D, A- Sintiendo que limpio todo lo que pienso C mi cuerpo se siente celeste otra vez. D-7, Ddim7, A- G Cambia, todo cambia F Yo quiero que a mi me entierren C, G, F So bring your laughter, bring your tears, your busy lives, your careers F, A- G, A- and bring the pain you carried for years, all is welcome here. G, A- G Lai lailarai larai E- G, A- E- 2 God has send surrounding A- C G, A- Fly above fu silent ocean into the purest star. E- C, G, D Feel your heart begin to break, become the light you are.

A- C, G, A- Fear is man been enclosed in flesh and wrapped up in the light. A- C, G, A- Love is all that conquers death, it never fears to die. A- C, G, A- Freedom dances over the threads that try to tie her down. E- C, G, D Faith is humble like the one who walks a step behind. A- C, G, A- Take your place and dance the dance and leave this world behind. E- C, G, D Feel the chains begin to break become the light A- C, G, A B- G People will say it is yours A and I shall deny not mine.

G, A- Before too soon the flowers bloom A. D- and bear the fruit of our love to share with me and you.

Letras, Partituras y Tablaturas | Intercambio Cristiano Sobrenatural

G, A- So cast away from the shore A- D- beyond the waves to the destiny thats yours. G, A- Dive in to the ocean of you A- D- and find the pearl it is shining in your heart.

G, A- So children all hear now the call A- D- of the master within sovereign being of it all. D, E- I am as old as the universe E- D Lai larara lairai D, E- Power in the roots of me, power in the shoots of me E- D, E- power on the fruits that will pass my seed on. C, G, A- and sing our prayer unto the dawn. E- C For healing my body F, C, F, C When love is revealed all beings are healed so naturally.

F, C, F, C When you let go of fear D- C Let your light show the way forever to stay in the circle of friends. F, C, F, C Let your heart be your guide to lead you inside where love never ends.


D- C And when love overflows you can only let go and be swept out to sea. D- G A- D beyond the signs D- G A- D in between the lines C, G, D, A E- Om namah Shiva Om E- mirrors of a soul, roemro is ever iare gate E- A- waving of a beingbeing lovering C, A- hollow and complete.

That fire will continue to burn B-7E Jaya joga dumbee, jay jay jay jay ma. C, A- Laira laira larairai C, G, D That the promise of heaven will be with thee. C, E-7, A- Some say its just a part of it: E- C They lived within the wheel as the seasons did unfold E- C stepping with soft footsteps on the third stone from the sun E- C nesus the highest mountain the men, the women, all would run and E- C dance, the mystic spiral, to each moment they would die E- C merging with the mystic shaking a rattle oyo, oyo, oyo.

G, A- The sweetest song of the bluest bird A- G the purest water of the deepest sea G, A- the strongest stirring that you feel in your soul A- G She is in everything. G, A- La rai rai E- C, G Floating on a lullaby gently down the stream G, Xdrian, G sire is just a dream G, D, E- Oh daime, daime amor G, A Crystal fountains flowing free A in the heart of adiran, the heart of me C we are children in the garden of the One world unity.

G, A So spread your precious wings A, C soar with the flow of consciousness G ride the shimmering wave aiire the shores of the new dawn. A So spread wire precious wings A, C soar with the flow of consciousness G and dive into this ocean of love and ride the waves.

A In the Temple of the One love F we are dancing free. B- C, D and all it really takes for you is to let it all go and go with the flow. B- C, D And this could be the promised land let us take you by the hand E. B- C, D And as you walk your dance of time listen to your secret rhyme E.

B- C, D for it will reveal to you all it is you have to do.