A cutting-edge handbook for parents from a pioneer in infant brain development Should you really read to your baby? Can teaching a baby sign language. Dr Jill Stamm, a leading authority in infant brain development, uses the latest scientific research to show how parents can nurture their child’s. Bright from the Start: The Simple, Science-Backed Way to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind from Birth to Age 3 offers scientific reasoning.

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That’s an unusual feat for an author to achieve. A leading authority in infant brain development, Dr. Baby needs to bond with the same person. How should one evaluate a child care provider for children under age 3? Based on her recommendations, we’ve decided to keep my son in the nanny share until age 2, rather than transitioning him to a more “educational” environment at 18 months.

More power to Stamm Stamm explained frmo about how children develop attention that I haven’t read anywhere else.

Bright From The Start

That’s just what I wanted. Jan 13, Kathy rated it it was amazing. In fact, they are as easy to learn as ABC — the cornerstones of what a bright, happy baby or toddler needs are Attention, Bonding, and Communication.

About Jill Stamm Dr. It stresses the same concepts.

May 23, Kristyn rated it really liked it Shelves: Stamm provides some very practical advice on what parents can and should do with their babies. PaulaSpencer is the coauthor of Dr. I too missed it.

She’s quite frank about how television and other screen jikl can damage a child’s attention and cognitive processing before the age of two, but also recognizes that sometimes parents just need 20 mins for a shower or a phone call and that the occasional viewing of Blue’s Clues or The Wiggles isn’t going to prevent your kid from growing normally.


Stamm, had her best motivation researching ways to develop children’s mind because of her unfortunate prematurely born frkm.

This will have long crom negative effects like lower attention ability and lower IQs. Can teaching a baby sign language boost IQ? She should notes that quick response is especially vital in infancy, from the newborn period through 6 months, but that crying in and of itself will not cause lasting damage.

No screen time for I’m just not her target audience. Early experiences are literally brain-shaping, and the author Written by a pioneer in infant brain development and also a mom, this book is so far one of the best I’ve read on the topic. Books by Jill Stamm. It gave me such an appreciation for the enormity and extreme inherent intelligence baby earthlings are born with. Now, thirty-two years later, her daughter is living proof that nearly every baby’s A cutting-edge handbook for parents, from a pioneer in infant brain development, that bridges the gap between the tbe current neuroscience and practical parenting techniques Dr.

What kind of toys do babies need? Learn how sfart comment data is processed. I started out reading these and then progressed to skimming samm and by the end of the book I was skipping all those sections.

That parents don’t have to stqmm into all the hype about the latest Baby Einstien toy or video.

Bright from the Start by Jill Stamm – Penguin Books Australia

Oct 16, Diana rated it really liked it. Aug 29, Mahi Wasfy rated it it was amazing.

stakm I also think the book helps motivate and encourage readers to look for even more ways to improve their caregiving.

At the end of every chapter the author packs in pages of “helpful, practical tips” for helping parents to utilize her suggestions in practical ways.

No trivia or quizzes bdight. Stamm translates the latest neuroscience findings into clear explanations and practical suggestions, demonstrating the importance of the simple ways you interact with your child every day. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The one area I contend with is her aversion to prolonged crying.


Many of the suggested activities might be second nature to some of us, but for others, this reference is great to have around.

Return to Book Page. Your kids will look forward to them. Her passion leads her to focus on improving the lives and outcomes of children, and she understands that parents need to know what they can do.

Bright From The Start

I can never remember all of that and honed in on the promised “simple” way instead, but it was much too simple. This book was informative.

However, I find it interesting that music and reading come up in all of the ABCs. I appreciated that the author made suggestions for activities that any parent of any means could provide, not high-cost financially or otherwiseradical recommendations.

Stamm’s voice and style are drawn from both her personal experience and her professional experience as someone who does not work as an experimental scientist but as an educator and institute founder. Early experiences are literally brain-shaping, and the author strongly advocates early and consistent support focusing on Attention helping the baby develop attentionBonding emotional bonding with the primary caretaker and Communication.

I haven’t got around finishing it. Mar 18, Alexis Mascitti rated it it was amazing.

For kids above that age, they have to deal with pre schools, disciplines, relationship, cultures, etc. And, the science part of it about the way brain grows after birth and how nurturing influences it is quite interesting on its own.