NICO ASSUMPCAO. . PACA TATU, Cofia Nao ( SOLO). | CN 97 and by b);. .. ”. . . 么%。 . ****. Nico Assumpção: upright bass solo. Corey Brown Comment. Here’s a great solo by upright player Nico Assumpção, recorded in the ‘s. Nico Assumpção (Antônio Álvaro Assumpção Neto) (August 13, in São Paulo, Brazil – January 20, in Rio de Janeiro), was a Brazilian bass player. Biography[edit]. His father was a professional bass player, but Nico debuted in music by released the first bassist solo album in the country, titled “Nico Assumpção”.

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This is an album that serves the memory of two outstanding musicians who passed away much too soon. The first is Victor Assis Brasil, the legendary young Brazilian saxophonist.

He passed away at age 35 in After this album was released, one of the members of the featured trio passed away. His participation was an addition to the music on many albums. He not only had a dazzling technique, but also a great set of ears. He literally played the instrument for the use of the music he accompanied, something that is extremely well noticeable here of this album.

He composed all the music on this cd. Luiz Avellar on piano improvises perfectly sllo the theme, the bass lines are an absolute delight and the drumming Kiko Freitas is supportive and hunting. What he had in mind at that moment was transposed to assumop instrument immediately.


Sometimes you even have the impression that the instrument is talking on its own, so natural sounds the music; a unique talent. Nico was also a fantastic acoustic bass player, but on this album we hear him on the electric instrument.

The assjmpo sounds absolutely perfect, jazz in its best form.

The music of Victor Assis Brasil could easily be part of a jazz standard book. He has an impressive discography that includes many big names.

Nico Assumpção – Wikipedia

On this album he shows some influences by McCoy Tyner in his playing. This trio was very coherent, each member complementing the other in a modest and serving way. There are two guest appearances. All the reviews are still here and have all been converted to the new design. All the other sections of the site are listed in that pull-down menu, too.

Luiz Avellar, Nico Assumpção, Kiko Freitas: Tocando Victor Assis Brasil

Two frequent questions seem to surface about us. First is about who we are.

We are consumers just like you who enjoy Brazilian music. The follow-up question to that is about our tendency to publish positive reviews.

Bass Book – Nico Assumpcao – Bass Solo – Segredos Da Improvisacao

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For your listening pleasure we have also created a few select podcasts as well as a Spotify playlist. You can find those in the Sounds tab. Made with by Graphene Themes. Live in Montreux Teresa Ines: All music composed by Victor Assis Brasil. If you would like to contact us, please use the form at the footer.

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