ARALDITE by Huntsman International · Impacted by the New China Tariff? Unknown Impact Status. It is unknown if this part is impacted by the China Tariff. Taxonomy: Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives > Adhesives > Epoxy Adhesives . ECCN: EAR Supplier Cage Code: 57HP4. MSL: N/R. Maximum Reflow. ARALDITE Conforms to Regulation (EC) No. / (REACH), Annex II – United Kingdom (UK). 1. Emergency telephone number.

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This advanced material is well suited for bonding polycarbonate, polyamides as well as primed metals.

It has excellent gap filling properties and the material is ideal for thick bondlines. The product is specifically designed to be used as a structural adhesive and it is ideal for bonding plastics. Araldite component A Resin is white and Component B Hardener is black, once the two components are mixed together it creates a black paste.


When applying the adhesive, it is important to araldtie clean and treat the surfaces to be bonded. Mix ratio is 92 parts by weight of component A and parts by weight of component B.

Araldite 2040 A/B

This adhesive is available in cartridges incorporating mixers and it can be applied as ready to use adhesive. When applying to the araldiet that need bonding, Huntsman recommends a layer of 0.

The thickness recommended will normally impart the greatest lap sheer strength to the joints. Araldite Arzldite cure time will be dependent on the temperature. After 90 days with tropical weathering, the material is completely degraded.

For more information on the proper application or material safety, contact Krayden and a technical representative will assist you with any questions that you may have. This allows the safe handling and proper application methods of the material.

Araldite Industrial Adhesives – Oil and Gas

The expiration date will be clearly stated on the label. Protective gear is recommended to protect against potential health risks presented by this product. For more information on the safe handling of the product, contact Krayden and a technical Representative will assist you with any questions that you may have.


Huntsman is an innovative company that araldute to formulate advance adhesives, sealants and specialty chemicals for a wide variety of industries.


Araldite is a state-of-the-art two component polyurethane adhesive that is well suited for bonding polycarbonate, polyamides as well as unprimed metals. More information in regards to the safe handling and application methods can be found on the Huntsman Araldite Technical Data Sheet. For pricing and sizing, contact Krayden, certified distributor of Huntsman.

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