i dont understand the reason for higher scores in non-invigilated aimcats AIMCAT Scores, Discussions (Pls do not open if you have not taken the test yet) After 2 BAD AimCAT’s, a decent one this a long way to go though. Hi happens with TIME when i checkig my result its showing Sorry! no info is avaible against this aimcat for this id no. but i have taken my mock on. Do post your scores of AIMCAT ATB:cheerio: This being the last AIMAT, I wish Good Luck to all the aspirants, including me The CAT is out there almost.

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The best way to improve a language is to practise reading, speaking and writing. Reading newspapers everyday will help you improve your vocab, and general awareness. In addition, practise online sectional tests for each specific type of questions. Sir Where are Results??? It would have been great if this discussion would have taken place after the reults srinivas: The cutoff for the 6 new iims for the obc applicants was Sir, wat abt results??

Will be up tonight. One of the first steps to improving in VA is to improve iamcat familiarity with the use of English.

You must use all your reading, writing and speaking as practical applications of the grammar and vocab that you learn. Try to write and speak as correctly as possible. As for reading, please read as much as you can and, when you do, pay attention to the language – words used, sentence structure and paragraph structure. Build your vocabulary through your reading and support that with the flash cards and word lists. Is this the normal difficulty level or they were really tough? In addition to this,one more good source of articles is a website,url is www.

For eg most students enjoy RC passages aimdat on sports,politics,current affairs etc but hate passages based on Philosophy,psychology and economics.

You should not only read passages based on your favorite theme but you must also read those articles which are based on theme that you do not like. You must graduate to the higher level of difficulty level by practicing the questions provided in Online Sectional Tests.

What to do on this chat without even knowing the results?

Chat Transcript

Can you please focus specifically on geomtery and give some tips to do well? I rigorously went through basics, but the CAT level geometry questions just continue to elude me. More practice is reqd, pic up previous CAT questions in Geometry and Mensuration, it’s a nice varied set.

Its just a start. I will take some time to get good score.


Hi ad, solutions will be out soon, it was indeed of the difficult mould. A similar query has already been answered,plz check.

AIMCAT 1215 Scores, Discussions (Pls do not open if you have not taken the test yet)

I would recommend that instead of brooding over your chances, you need to focus your entire energy on your preparation for CAT I can assure you that you 12177 work will not go in vain. Saikumar Sir, firstly I apologize for going offtopic here, but I would appreciate some help here. With 77, I guess JB is out of the picture. As sai is not here.

Aimcat 1217

I will take thi question. Follow the sequence that you classes are following If you know you are weak in a particular area, start with that. Sir, I am a working professional. Please guide me for my preparation strategy. Am good with DI and Reasoning. A bit weak in Verbal. Aa you have limited time for your preparation ypu need to plan till Oct. Use max time for preparation. In case you are planning to take leave take it in Month of August rather taking in sept or oct.

That will give more time to plan in case u go wrong some where. Yes, a tad bit. Work a lot with your basic study material for Reasoning. Apart from that, practice with the online sectional tests,mock cats,crts and the AIMCAT questions will be of big help. My question is have you prepared well to score enough? I’m getting very average scores in it. I’m pretty good in verbal and I consistently score between percentile.

Is it fair to utilise all my time until august on quants. I’m finding it really difficult to finish the bsm. I am starting my preparation for CAT aimcaf Sir, my performance in VA is not up to the mark.

I ai,cat continuously practicing but in vain. Prep for Verbal has been discussed at various points in the Chat. Do go through the same. Yes, aim at a pretty Ximcat percentile both overall and sectional. Any full time job taken after graduation, for which you were paid salary is considered as work ex. The chat is not only about the results. It could anything related to your perception about the paper and your performance in it.

You probably freeze during the exam, just realize that it is only an exam at the end of the day. You will perform better when you are aimxat unduly worried about giving a bad performance.

Go with a positive frame of mind and you should improve your test performance. From this stage how should I improve this score? Give topic-wise sectional tests. Sir i am a compartmental student in a subject in intermediate how 127 will it effect my profile do i at least have a chance to get a seat in top 30 colleges in India if i have good cat or cet score ramnath: As a result my section 2 accuracy going dwn.

  G150XG03 V3 PDF

Could you please suggest in this regard? Practice is key to doing well in the entire second section of the paper. Read for one hour daily – The Economist, The Hindu, www.

My scores on Average in Section 1 is 59 and in Sec2 is I dont have much study material. Kindly suggest me the material from this point and what should be my strategy from now onwards?

You can refer to T. Dear Sir, the AimCat results are not yet out? Hi Manisha if you understand CAP round procedure, you don’t need to put one college but you need to put a list of colleges. My suggestion is to put 25 college in CAP round 1 starting from best college. I don’t really have a query but I wanna thank time for simulating the actual cat this year.

This is actually building more competition and giving us the right kind of practice needed instead of bombarding the paper with tough questions. The strategy to handle xat and cat are entirely different. So thank u and keep it up sunil: Dear ibanez, we always have aicmat best interests of our students in mind.

It’s just students perceive it in a different light and do not trust us well enough. However, thank you for understanding and for the appreciation. Though am aimcatt working professional, am managing time and doing my practice daily for CAT. But am unable to reach my expected goal due to lack of methodology in my prep.

Can TIME help me in this regard.??. Faculty members will definately will help you. If you are planning to take leave then take in Jul so that you will have an idea how much more efforts u require.

Sir can you just 12177 a little as to how wrong answers pull down the percentile so much? In case you are asking about the specialization part, you should choose that based on your interest, aptitude and your long term career goal.

A similar question has already been answered,plz check the chat transcript. Sir I am Graduate. Currently preparing for CAT, so am taking a break this year. My question is whether I should be doing some sort of Course aside or is this Gap period Ok? It should be alright, give CAT your all. Taking up some other course just to bridge the gap is a bad idea. Similar question answered, pls chk the transcript. They consider GMAT score. We can then attempt to give you a proper resolution for your issue.